More about PCS

PCS is the sixth largest trade union in the UK with about 190,000 members.

Our members are organised throughout the civil service and government agencies, making us the UK’s largest civil service trade union. We also organise widely in the private sector, usually in areas that have been privatised.

Running the country

Our members are essential to the day to day running of the country.

We work in a huge variety of roles including:

  • Air traffic control
  • Benefits and welfare advice
  • Border and immigration
  • Coastguards
  • Courts service
  • Customs
  • Defence maintenance and support
  • Information technology
  • Police support
  • Royal palaces
  • Security
  • State pensions
  • Taxation

PCS is a democratic organisation run by our members, for our members. PCS members are actively involved in every decision we make, whether it’s in the workplace or internationally.


We aim to improve our working lives. We campaign for decent pay and conditions and for fair pensions for all.

PCS is independent from any political party which allows us to stand up for our members’ interests no matter what party is in government.

We have strong parliamentary groups in the European parliament, the Northern Ireland assembly, the Scottish parliament, the Welsh assembly and in Westminster.

We work together with other unions in the UK and Europe to campaign for better public services and a fair deal for public servants.

Equality for all

PCS takes pride in its support for equal rights for all in the workplace and beyond.

PCS members lead self organising groups that campaign for equality in the workplace and beyond.

You are the union

PCS members are the people who make our union so strong. The union belongs to you and there are loads of ways you can get active, and have your say within the union. 

Join PCS

Do you want to be a part of the fastest growing union in the UK? There are countless benefits to joining PCS.

Being a member will give you representation and support in the workplace, as well as free legal advice and loads of other benefits.

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