RSS feeds

What are RSS feeds?

RSS stands for really simple syndication.

RSS feeds

When you see the RSS symbol on a page on the PCS website you can click on it to subscribe to the relevant feed.

RSS feeds are a very simple and easy to use technology that lets you subscribe to the latest updates on the PCS website without having to trawl through the website every time you are looking for the latest information.

RSS feeds save you time as instead of having to go to the PCS website to find out about the latest news, magazine articles or events you can subscribe, and be alerted to them as soon as they are available.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds using special software known as an RSS reader, or just by using your internet browser.

If you don’t have a compatible browser, you will have to get a free RSS reader, otherwise your browser will display a page of computer code that will be useless and confusing.

Many mobile phones and PDAs also allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds.

A popular RSS reader for Microsoft Windows computers is Newz Crawler. Find out more on the Newz Crawler website.

If you are accessing the internet at work, and you are not able to install software, why not try using a web based RSS reader such as Newsgator Online.

Once you are up and running with the RSS reader then all you have to do is click on the RSS symbol whenever you see it.

As well as subscribing to the PCS RSS feeds, you can subscribe to RSS feeds from your favourite websites.


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