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Young members week 2013 landing page

Recruit a young member

Your branch can:

  • Target recruitment of young people by talking them and asking them to join the union
  • Invite young people to your branch meeting as an observer and ask them to become a young members' rep
  • Hold a stall in your workplace to talk to young members
  • Organise a workplace meeting focusing on issues affecting young members.

Send pictures and reports of your activity to

Any PCS member aged 27 and under can join the network. 

Sign up to the network or contact

Young members' charter

Read the updated version of the charter - a blueprint for what young people should fight for in society.




PCS Young Members on Twitter

Young members application form

  Young members joining form

If you require this form in an alternative format please contact Julie Young at PCS -


Young Members newsletter

The latest young members' newsletter is available below:

  YMN issue 4 2015

In this edition are articles on the new officers and committee, the young members' seminar, Workers' Beer Company Glastonbury, and the 2015 TUC Conference.

If you would like further information or are interested in getting involved in the young members network, please contact

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