Young members' charter

The PCS young members’ charter was agreed at the inaugural young members’ forum in York in January 2006.

It has since been presented to the national executive committee who are asking all groups and branches to work towards achieving its aims.

The document below sets out the overall demands and priorities for young people in PCS and is the 2009 updated version.

The young members’ network calls on the whole of the union to meet these demands and actively encourage the next generation of activists in PCS.

Aims and objectives of the PCS Young Members' Network are to:

  • recruit, organise and politicise young people in the PCS
  • campaign on issues relevant to our young members to achieve the above
  • represent young members' opinions to the national executive and give them a voice at every level within the union
  • to support, develop and train the next generation of our union’s activists and build the trade union movement among young people everywhere
  • fight to improve the conditions of young people across society and for a better world.

What we stand for:

Jobs and staffing

  • no to all jobs cuts – for investment to create new jobs for well-staffed public services
  • all FTAs, casuals and apprentices to be made permanent
  • an end to casual and zero-hour contracts – for minimum hours and flexibility for the staff not the employer
  • all staff, regardless of status, to be given the same terms and conditions as permanent staff
  • an end to the disgraced performance management system and 'guided distribution'
  • for genuine career progression and training opportunities.

Pay and pensions

  • an end to poverty pay – for a minimum living wage for all and on the rate for the job
  • for a minimum annual pay increase in line with RPI and a return to pay progression
  • apprentices to be paid the rate for the work they do and on equal terms and conditions
  • an end to all pay discrimination – equal pay for equal work
  • no to attacks on our pensions and a return to one fair pension scheme – 68 is too late
  • for a fair state pension that is above the poverty line and rises in line with RPI.

Privatisation and public services

  • defend against all cuts – to fight for an alternative to austerity and investment into public services for the benefit of working people
  • no to privatisation and mutualisation ('privatisation lite') – bring outsourced services back in house, public services not private profit
    defend against all office closures – for public services based in the community, not just Westminster
  • no to attacks on trade unions –  official trade union recognition and representation for all young members, including reasonable facilities and to defend check-off.

Union democracy and the wider trade union movement

  • for the young members' network to be run for young members, by young members – national young members officers and regional convenors to be elected annually
  • for a young members' rep on every branch executive committee and encourage young members to stand for positions across the union, at a local, regional and national level
  • to set up and support young members' advisory committees (YMACs) in groups across the union
  • to be involved in the national and regional TUC youth structures and work with other unions youth structures on joint campaigning
    for young members to be consulted and at the forefront of deciding union policy and active within the union’s campaigns, including the national campaign
  • for practical and relevant training to be provided for young activists and support given to them to carry out their day to day activities.


  • to fight against discrimination in all its forms and for genuine equality at every level of the civil service, the trade union movement and wider society
  • ensure that equality forms part of every young members campaign and that we work to include all young members from every background in our work
  • to work with other PCS equality groups and other campaign groups to support their campaigns and get young members involved
    for the NYMC to provide equality training and support for young members.

Wider community

  • no to tuition fees, education cuts and academies and free schools - For a free, publicly funded and state-owned education system supported by student grants and the return of the Education Maintenance Allowance
  • renationalise the railways and all public transport – for run for public services and not private profit
  • campaign to fight for the renationalisation of all public services
  • an end to Workfare and the vile sanctions regime – the only real solution for unemployment is to create jobs by investing in public services
  • for an affordable house building programme funded by an empty house tax and rent controls to end the housing crisis and create new jobs
  • to defend the NHS and for a publicly funded health service to support a person throughout their life. Demand for more investment into services, free prescriptions and care and an end to privatisation
  • combat the far right and the racist and anti-immigration rhetoric of the media and politicians of all parties
  • to end the anti-trade laws and fight for the right for young members to organise
  • international solidarity with brothers and sisters across the world.



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