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PCS members have voted overwhelmingly to reject the government’s proposed pension changes. We are taking strike action on May 10 with other trade unions across the public sector.

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17.00 Well that's it. A hugely impressive turnout and massive thanks to you all for the dedication and determination shown once more today, especially in the face of pretty terrible weather. Your updates, messages of support and pics have all been hugely appreciated.

If you have any further updates for the PCS Flickr page or messages of support, please remember to email 10May@pcs.org.uk Thanks again, tremendous effort by all.


16.55 Marion O'Boyle, 51, works as a case officer with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.
She will lose £21,703.66 as a result of the switch from RPI to CPI. If she works until 65 she will lose £48,259.38.
"The proposed changes to the civil service pension scheme make dismal reading and will have a detrimental effect in the immediate and long-term future for myself and the majority of associated colleagues."

16.50 In Hull there were very few staff at the courts, with only two courts open at the magistrates' court. Other pickets at DWP and CPS around the city were very noisy, pickets at the local hospital did their bit, too.


16.45 Bob Wilden works as an employer compliance technical consultant. He will lose £44,817.95 as a result of the switch from RPI to CPI.

“The change in pensions is a disgrace. We are being told we are being unreasonable wanting to keep what we had.

"Most of us around my age (58) have planned for our retirement only to have the rug pulled from under our feet. What really rubs salt in the wounds is to bring this in during a period of pay freeze."


16.40 We now have more than 4,000 members of the PCS Union members' group on Facebook. Not a member? Join today.


16.35 PCS member Geraldine Metcalfe cannot hide her anger about the changes to her pension: “I am very angry. The rules have changed halfway through and I feel like the rug has been pulled out from beneath me.”


16.30 There has never been a better time to join PCS and join the fight for pensions, jobs and services


16.28 If you think 68 is too late to retire do as hundreds of people already have and join the joint unions campaign


16.25 Lynn Leatherbarrow is an executive officer in the prison service. She said it is devastating to get to the age of 54 to find there is not going to be the outcome she was originally expecting.

"I will lose the equivalent of almost half a year’s salary for my services. I have signed up to a pension contract and committed to it completely, so why should I be penalised for doing that, by a government that was not actually voted in by anyone?”


16.20 An old London bus led a procession of strikers to the Birmingham University Hospital where an impromptu rally was held with PCS, Unite and UCU capturing the interest of both local and national media. This was then followed by an indoor rally addressed by speakers of all three unions.

16.15 Ann a personal secretary in the information services of the Forestry Commission says her pensionable pay will be worth 13% less than at the start of the pay freeze. She will also lose £16,969.68 as a result of the switch from RPI to CPI.

16.12 Hundreds of people like PCS member Ann Bennett have been using the PCS pensions calculator today to find out how much they stand to lose because of the government's plans.


16.10 Nearly 200,000 PCS members took strike action today and some workplaces exceeded numbers striking on 30 November.


16.08 There is a general consensus that 400,000 workers were on strike today


16.06 Speeches at well-supported rallies across the UK were united in a call for further action.


16.02 There has been great news coverage from the early morning lead story on the BBC Radio4 flagship political programme, Today,  right through to a continual presence on BBC News homepage and other news channels.


16.00 M10 was trending on Twitter all day.


15.58 Photos from PCS members are still coming in, see a selection on our Flickr site


15.55 Write to your MP to ask them to defend public sector pensions


15.45 Speaking after the public service pension rally today the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance general secretary, Brian Campfield said: “Our members have again shown today their determination to protect their hard-fought entitlement to decent pensions. They have also demonstrated their commitment to the defence of the public services.

"NIPSA in conjunction with other trade unions both public and private sector is determined to protect the interests of ordinary people against the onslaught from the coalition government on their pay, terms and conditions, job security and the vicious assault on the welfare state.”


15.40 The Daily Telegraph is conducting a poll on the pensions strike, vote 'yes' now!


15.37 Metro ad shows why Police Federation members chose to march


15.34 In Brighton there was a well-represented march, followed up with a successful rally, finished off with a brilliant demo.


15.32 In the north west there are reports of UCU members supporting the strike to defend pensions from at Chester, MMU and Liverpool Hope universities.


15.21 PCS rebuts government's wildly inaccurate strike day figures, see our latest press release


15.18 BBC local radio link below to interview with Hereford & Worcester DWP branch from 02:24m.


15.11 Manchester MoJ samba band took the streets to protest over pension attacks


15.06 RMT speaker Steve Todd told the Liverpool rally that three ships were striking in Birkenhead. Another ship in the Falklands is preparing to take action when it arrived in port.


15.00 Most HMRC workplaces reporting very good support from the public.


14.55 Read and share our alternative to the cuts.


14.49 Prison officers have ended all their "protest meetings", a Prison Officers' Association spokesman has said. More than 80% of members supported the walkout and the action "has been a great success in raising the public's awareness to the inherent dangers that the coalition government's policy change will bring to the prison service in the future," he said.  


14.41 Today at Peterborough Land Registry - 83% of members on strike. 6 members on picket line plus visitors from GMB, Unison, CWG, Prospect and POA. POA member was in Peterborough from Bedford delivering his daughter's passport application - he took the opportunity to show his support and come and stand with us for nearly an hour.


14.39 80% of staff out at HMRC Bathgate contact centre Edinburgh.


14.36 Author Owen Jones said "You give strength to all those who know this crisis was not of their making. Cameron has underestimated us. He is leading a right-wing government. Just look what they are doing to welfare. This is beyond anything Thatcher could have dreamt of and they have no mandate for what they are doing.

"They have also tried to turn brother against brother. It's the politics of divide and rule and we need a united response from the Labour movement. But there is hope and the winter of austerity might be drawing to an end."


14.30 So far 463 people have followed the '68 is too late ' campaign on twitter at @68_is_too_late - can we get to 500 today? Follow today.


14.30 Gail Cartmail, assistant general secretary of Unite. "One in five young people are unemployed, 400,000 will be born into poverty... 94% of our members emphatically said No to the gov's proposals. Unlike the gov we have a mandate. It is our duty to fight every inch of the way until we win. 68 is too late and 71 I'm done! Not only is the public with us...we are the public."


14.27 Lots of members of the public express their support for strikers at the passport office in Belfast.


14.26 Lisburn and Belfast trade union councils in Northern Ireland have sent messages of support to PCS strikers.


14.23 Norma Dudley, health visitor rep for Unite. "We are also here to defend the NHS. The pay cuts and pension reforms are to soften us up for privatisation of the NHS. We must fight these cuts. We feel we are now not able to give the service we have been trained for. We need the trade union movement to come together and escalate this campaign as the government is weak and we are gaining the public's support."


14.19 View the new images added to the gallery page. Also, check out our Flickr page and send us your pics so we can add to it at 10may@pcs.org.uk.


14.17 Over 300 people at joint PCS/NIPSA rally in Belfast.


14.13 PCS NEC member Ian Albert addressed crowd in Norwich saying "PCS members in the Eastern Region, joining with our colleagues in Unite and UCU, have sent a clear message today to the Coalition... No country should leave its pensioners in poverty. We want Fair Pensions for All and decent standards of living in retirement whether you work in the public or private sector, whether you are now unemployed and on benefits or whether you already get a state pension."


14.10 Unite general secretary Len McCluskey tells pensions strikers "you represent the majority of ordinary working people opposed to government's."


14.07 At Leeds, PCS National vice president John McInally said "There is no done deal on pensions. We do not accept the government's attempt to impose on us a lifetime of low pay followed by an impoverished retirement. Today is not a protest strike - it is part of a programme of action. There will be more action on June, with even more workers on strike, if the government refuses to negotiate."


14.05 At Manchester, PCS vice president Sue Bond said "At the ballot box in the UK and in elections across Europe, austerity is being roundly rejected and alternatives proposed.

"Cameron and Clegg have wrapped around themselves an austerity agenda with no alternative - but that is now looking increasingly discredited. The emperors have no clothes."


14.03 More from Mark Serwotka. "Our strategy to win has to be to unite as many groups together. Francis Maude is the Minister for Chaos and has refused to talk to us. Today is an incredibly important step to get our strike back on the road. In one of our London courts today the jurors refused to cross the picket line. There's been brilliant support from PCS members today. Just look across the road at the great picket outside the Mother of Democracy, Parliament. It is inspiring and, with support from other unions, we can win.

"I am very proud how PCS members and organisations like UCU and Unite in the NHS and MoJ have responded today. 400,000 have been on strike today but I'll be going to the TUC next week to argue for more action. We should be striking again in June. Think what a blow it will be to the gov if we go out again with more unions. I want to tell my kids that when the going got tough we stood up and fought."


14.02 Singer Billy Bragg sent a message of solidarity: "Support public sector workers on strike. With no one in parliament to speak up for them, what else are they to do?"


13.57 Mark Serwotka calls for even bigger strike with more unions out next time. He paid tribute to UCU and Unite members on strike today.


13.52 Read or download our 'There is an Alternative booklet'


13.46 More from Methodist Central Hall as Toni Pearce. Vice President Further Education of National Union of Students speaks.

"Not looking forward to working into my 70s. Students are right behind this strike. Students are paying £9,000 a year fees. They haven't listened to us and they haven't listened to you. We want a fair wage and a fair pension."


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13.44 More from Methodist Central Hall as Dr Terry Hoad, president of the UCU condemns, "Government's vicious attack on pensions. How can this be fair when we're paying for the actions of the bankers?

"Average chief executive stands to gain £200,00 extra income from next year. Average UCU lecturer sees them lose £60,000 from their pensions over the course of a lifetime."


13.41 More from Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT at Methodist Central Hall. "We salute every single worker on strike today. One of the most principled of strikes. Every Royal Fleet auxiliary member is on strike today. And finally the police are going out too, because they too are under attack.

"We should have voluntary retirement at 55 like they do on the continent. We have woken up today but the rest of the trade union must wake up too. We need a 24 hr strike involving everyone in October. We have to start building up this action and get the trade unions to build contacts with communities and act."


13.40 RMT general secretary Bob Crow called for a general strike at the rally in Methodist Central Hall.


13.39 In Cardiff, PCS assistant general secretary Chris Baugh delivered a strong message to union leaders who thought separate deals would benefit their members. "They were absolutely wrong. Join with our colleagues in unite and the private sector. Reject fatalism".


13.37 In Liverpool, PCS deputy general secretary Hugh Lanning tells of how impressed he was by the turnout and energy on the picket lines and says ‘our job is to win pensions fight but also to stop the government destroying our welfare state’


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13.33 Christine Blower, general secretary of NUT "Congratulate you all on the strike action today. This is essential action. It's all part of the co-ordinated campaign against the onslaught on pensions. You pay 50% more, if you are a teacher, for a lot less. An awful lot of money has been paid to the Exchequr with nothing in return. These are policies made by two posh boys who don't know the cost of a pint of milk.

"The age of 68 is simply too late. To make the rich work harder we pay them more. But to make the poor work harder we pay them less. It's not working but it is hurting."


13.30 Follow the '68 is too late' state pension campaign on twitter at @68_is_too_late


13.29 Good turnout today in Bangor, Wales by allied health professionals.


13.27 In Glasgow, more than 200 people including Ian Davidson MP, Drew Smith MSP, both labour, and Patrick Harvie MSP, Green party, crammed into the Glasgow rally as the rain poured down outside.

They heard speeches from the stuc, the UCU, UNITE, PCS members from balfour beatty and PCS national president Janice Godrich who sent a warning to Westminster, "If the government refuses to negotiate we will strike again. We have no choice now but to stand and fight for our livelihoods and our communities."


13.26 Follow the '68 is too late' state pension campaign on Facebook


13.25 Steve Todd RMT national secretary tells Liverpool rally: "Seafarers are 100% behind the dispute. We will stand together and will have members out in support every time."


13.19 Watch and share the '68 is too late' pension age campaign animated video.


13.18 Liverpool rally between 400 and 500 people packed into hall. People having to stand outside too. Excellent turnout.


13.18 London Region National Pensioners' Convention at the London rally all wearing plastic policeman hats in support of Met police staff on strike today.


13.15 Message of support received from Julia MacGregor, Chair of GCG "While we cannot take industrial action, we are raising money for the PCS Hardship Fund and raising awareness of pensions issues, including the "68 is too late" campaign. We wish you all the best today, and hope this leads to the government coming back to the negotiating table."


13.12 85% members on strike at Bradford debt centre - the best supported strike in recent times. Plus singing on the picket line!


13.07 The latest PCS media release rounds up the action across the UK.


13.05 PCS north west officer Steve Farley is now addressing crowds at the Exeter rally about HMRC cuts.


13.03 At Northampton combined court 93% of members are on strike. A postman would not cross the picket. An NUT member visited the strikers.


13.01 Of 600 people just 60 crossed the picket line at the pension centre in Warrington.


12.59 There is 95% support for the strike at Wigan jobcentre.


12.58 Hundreds of people at the Liverpool pensions rally


12.56 Three reading rooms are closed at the British Library. NUT general secretary, Christine Blower, visited the picket line. A bag of cakes was delivered by a member of the public in solidarity.


12.55 There is hardly any traffic into the Welsh Assembly building in Cardiff. The Senedd and pierhead buildings are closed for visitors. No assembly business. Plaid and Labour assembly members are not crossing picket lines. Ministers not entering building.


12.51 "Wettest picket line in history. Thank God for PCS ponchos," said a striker at Durham Land Registry where the picket has gained fantastic support for the strike from members and the public.


12.48 Liverpool Ministry of Defence rep Aileen Ryan: "We are picketing to save our pensions and because we don't want to still have to go to work on our zimmer frames."


12.47 Preparing to go into the London rally PSC member Steve Tampling said: "I am protesting today because what the government is trying to do is disgusting. I will lose £130 a month and about £130,000 with the switch from RPI to CPI."


12.45 "We have not changed our stance but are more resilient than ever," said Met Group President Richard Rooney. "The recent elections in France gives us hope that this government will start listening to the people otherwise the coalition should prepare for a summer of discontent."


12.43 Unite, UCU and PCS march arrives at the Methodist Church Hall. Hundreds present. Lots of red Unite flags and placards.


12.41 Glasgow DVLA office closed because of PCS action.


12.39 Police Federation march heading past Methodist Central Hall now with an estimated 28,000 officers taking part.


12.35 Tax enquiry centre closed at Carnbane House, Newry, Northern Ireland.


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