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PCS members have voted overwhelmingly to reject the government’s proposed pension changes. We are taking strike action on May 10 with other trade unions across the public sector.

Tell us your strike day stories and get the latest updates from the day of action on this page with our minute-by-minute live blog. On the day, please refresh the page to see the very latest updates.

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12.30 Chants of "It's too late...68," and "What they will do to us today...they will do to you tomorrow," outside Parliament.


12.29 PCS members on strike at HMP Nottingham blocked and delayed prisoner transport vehicles getting into the jail.


12.27 Only one out of six courts sitting at Leicester Crown court. Local press Leicester Mercury reporting on picket line. 


12.25 There is excellent support in Defence Business Services in MoD across the sites. MyCSP supported Cheadle MOD members by taking leave so as to not cross picket line.


12.23 Support holding up at Defra London with 80% of members not in and one new recruit. FDA and Prospect members saying they should be out too. There is one new picket who has never picketed before.


12.22 "People are now noticing the hit in their pay packets and it will only get worse. We need to continue the action to make the public aware of our situation. Parliament should be made aware we're in it for the long haul," Dave Bickford, branch secretary, Houses of Parliament.


12.20 TV camera crews are in position outside the Methodist Central Hall in London where the main London rally will take place at 1pm. Lots of free Fairtrade chocolate bars and fruit juice just been delivered to the London rally courtesy of PCS.


12.18 PCS rep John Andrews from DWP Northampton on ITV News talking about the strike


12.16 About 95% of members are out at MoJ Scotland. Pickets at most workplaces.


12.13 All ushers out except two agency workers at Manchester County Court. All together better supported picket lines. No trials at Manchester Crown Court.


12.10 Just one staff member went in to the jobcentre in Malton north Yorkshire had to be staffed with managers.


12.08 Great turnout at Jobcentre Plus in Scarborough with 75% of staff out and 100% of union members. One of two jobcentres in Scarborough shut with support from GMB. The Scarborough Evening News took a photo of the picket.


12.05 "Proud of our public sector workers on strike today. They're fighting being made to pay for a crisis they didn't cause," tweeted writer and social commentator Owen Jones.


12.00 Milton Keynes Benefit Centre members welcomed ITV Anglia News to their picket line. The programme interviewed rep Simon Boniface and took footage of the line.


11.56 EPSU extends its solidarity for the pension strike. "We support your demands against cuts to pensions, compulsory redundancies. We say ‘no’ to pay freezes. Public sector workers deserve a fair pay rise," said general secretary, Carola Fischbach-Pyttel.


11.54 "On behalf of the School of Oriental and African Studies Labour Society, I send you our solidarity and support for the strike action you are taking. We are fully behind you in fighting the government's attack on public sector pensions, as well as their cuts, job losses and privatisations." Tom King, secretary, SOAS Labour.


11.53 A number of strike rallies are starting soon across the UK. Find out what's happening in your area.


11.51 Read and share the fair pensions for all pamphlet


11.49 The University and College Union has a live strike action blog


11.47 Hundreds of members are out at Revenue and Customs offices in St. Austell, Exeter and Redruth.


11.44 The MSN website is liveblogging the pensions strike


11.39 There has been a big increase in the number of pickets since 30 November at the Scottish Government in Glasgow with only a handful of members going into work. A rep commented: "Our local management are generally supportive of the action and the public are right behind us with car horns constantly being sounded."


11.36 "I send all the PCS members taking strike action a message of solidarity. I am proud to be on the picket lines in the fight for pensions justice," MP John McDonnell, chair of PCS parliamentary group.


11.34 "You are doing all workers proud by refusing to lie down and let the government steal your pensions. I believe the tide is turning and sooner rather than later, we shall win. Solidarity," Tim Lezard, freelance writer and editor.


11.33 Department for Business, Innovation and Skills had a "successful" picket with 14 members covering the three entrances. Rep Christopher Miles said: "The pensions issue has acted as a great recruitment tool. It has made people very angry and the public are coming round to our side."
Use and share the pensions calculator.


11.29 A selection of images from the day will be added to the site throughout the day. You can also view images sent it from across the UK at the PCS Flickr page and please do send them over to us too at 10may@pcs.org.uk


11.27 Solidarity from PCS at GCHQ: "While we cannot take industrial action, we are raising money for the PCS hardship fund and raising awareness of pensions issues, including the '68 is too late' campaign. We wish you all the best today, and hope this leads to the government coming back to the negotiating table."


11.23 PCS has sent a solidarity message to the "brave members of the POA who have defied draconian laws that ban them from taking industrial action by walking out to hold protest meetings at jails today".


11.19 PCS badges and photos to the fore on BBC news website which reports ‘Thousands of public Sector workers strike over pensions’ 


11.16 Methodist Central Hall in Westminister is set up and ready with BBC and others arrived for the strike day rally, speakers including Mark Serwotka from 1pm.


11.13 The youth court in Liverpool is closed by strike action. And more people are out than on 30 November at Liverpool family court.


11.08 A member handed Vince Cable a ‘68 is too late’ leaflet which he took it into 1 Victoria Street. Find out more about the joint campaign.


11.06 Green MP Caroline Lucas sent a message of support for the action.
The vice president of the PCS parliamentary group said: "This government's drive to slash jobs, slash pay, and now slash pensions as well is both socially devastating and economically illiterate."


11.02 Members at Land Registry Gloucester estimate 85% of members are on strike with good public support.


11.00 Highgate Jobcentre Plus reports a "very limited" service with support from members of the National Union of Teachers.


10.58 John McDonnell MP, chair of the PCS parliamentary group, joins PCS members on the picket line in Uxbridge.


10.56 PCS members outside New Scotland Yard claim support among members higher than 30 November and staff been turned back from going in.


10.54 Really strong support from members and public at Eastbourne Jobcentre Plus. All G4S contact centre offices are out with cover sent in from other sites. 


10.51 Post vans turned round at Worthing Revenue and Customs where members have been on the picket line since 6am.


10.50 Birkenhead, Warrington and Macclesfield county courts all closed. At Liverpool crown court all but one court is closed and no jury trials, thanks to a 98% turnout of members.


10.49 Action closes phone lines at Glasgow's Student Loans Company.


10.47 Glasgow Bridgeton jobcentre closed to the public after only nine staff out of 80 went in. Rep reports: "A good days activity for PCS at this site."


10.45 Good turnout on the picket line outside Jobcentre Plus in David Cameron's Witney constituency. See this and other strike day pictures on our Flickr feed.


10.42 First picket line in years at Lewes Jobcentre Plus, including 15 UCU members.  


10.39 Good public support at Folkestone jobcentre with 90% of members out. Unite and Unison members have visited.


10.36 DVLA Wimbledon local office – 60% on strike with just six staff and two managers going in. The office has remained closed.


10.34 599 of 600 members refused to cross the picket at MoD Glasgow. Soldiers covering jobs at a cost of 40% more.


10.33 Members at Rural Payments Agency in Carlisle report lots of local media coverage on BBC Radio, ITV and in the press. Solidarity on picket line from RMT and Ucat members. Lots of motorists tooting support too.


10.30 First-time strikers at Balfour Beatty Glasgow in dispute over redundancies and pay anomalies chose to take action today to highlight their issues and show solidarity with public sector colleagues.
Organiser Stuart Frankland said: "Less than a quarter of the workforce have gone in which is not bad for a first effort. "Management tried to break our resolve by declaring today a dress down day and offering free cakes. Pretty pathetic really."


10.27 Up to 16,000 off-duty officers are to don black caps representing each officer expected to be lost under the government's budget cuts as they take to the streets for a Police Federation rally in London.


10.20 Charity Commission London branch reports very good turnout with only one member crossing the line


10.16 "There's no one to clean up yesterday's state opening of Parliament," said PCS member Denise Eltringham as 90% of members have not gone into work today. "They'll have to roll up their own red carpet," she said.

At least 30 members are covering four entrances to the Houses of Parliament. Lots of beeping of horns in support and whistles and flags.


10.13 An average of 90% of members not at work in MoJ Thames Valley branch, with 99% out at Reading crown court and 80% at Oxford crown court.


10.10 PCS members outside the Cabinet Office in Whitehall with a megaphone, placards and boxes of leaflets. Branch organiser Simon Kaplan said: "Unfortunately, we haven't seen any ministers yet. But if they did come by I'd ask them why they are making us pay for an economic crisis caused by the banks."


10.08 Brighton DVLA office closed


10.07 MP Katy Clark backed the strikers: "At a time when the government’s austerity measures are continuing to harm our communities the vital work done by public sector workers has never been more important. The changes to public sector pensions the government is trying to force through is being ideologically driven and I offer all those taking action every success in your fight.“


10.02 Considerable disruption at the Department of Health. Member Matt Odwyer said: "Lots of staff working on the Olympics are out today." Health secretary yet to show his face.


09.59 "Best ever response from members" at HMRC Wolverhampton Deansgate with 81% on strike


09.55 The Journal in Newcastle reports on the pensions strike


09.52 Use and share the PCS pensions calculator to see how much you could lose


09.49 Today's Guardian reports on "a day of protest to include a walkout by civil servants, health workers and teachers and demonstration by police officers."


09.47 98% of members on strike at Land Registry Birkenhead


09.46 ‎85% of members on strike at PCS Bradford Revenue and Customs branch


09.45 National museums in Liverpool closed by strike action, as well as Tate Gallery


09.44 Three picket lines at Polaris House, Swindon where Royal Mail showed support by not delivering. There was an Interview on BBC Radio Wiltshire at 7am.


09.40 Today's strike by public sector workers is "solidly supported" says the Independent


09.35 #m10 is trending on Twitter


09.34 Members blocking all entrances to the National Gallery.
John Kennedy, PCS member and warden at the gallery, said: "People just want a decent standard of living and it's crucial we stand together against this government."


09.26 Want to fight for your pension? Join PCS


09.21 Even Iain Duncan Smith has concerns about cuts, according to the Guardian


09.16 There is a 60% turnout at the Royal courts of justice and some supportive judges. Citizens advice bureau staff crossed the picket line but will support rally and march later.


09.14 Office closed completely at Shrewsbury DVLA  


09.10 95% of members on strike at the Information Commissioner's Office, with two picket lines. Some FDA members expressing regret at their acceptance of the government's 'final offer' on pensions. 


09.06 Read the PCS report on prison guards joining the pensions action


09.04 Reports of 99% of workers on strike at DVLA in Leeds and Sheffield 


09.02 There are 95% of people out on strike at Manchester Crown Court, with two picket lines.


08.44 South Wales Revenue and Customs branch report that the driver of a lorry with one sixth of the mail for the whole of the UK refuses to cross picket line.


08.40 Durham Passport Office estimates a 90%+ turnout from public counter members


08.37 Hello to four year old Dominic Mooney who's on the picket line in Liverpool to support his mum.

08.35 Public sector strike over pensions is on the homepage of the BBC news website.


08.34 PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka told BBC 5Live: "The government tries to divide people in the public and private sector, we simply say, wherever you work, why should you not have the right to a decent pension."


08.30 Revenue and Customs Stoke report 90% of staff on strike


08.26 National Museum for Wales reports all sites are closed to the public


08.21 Solidarity to all strikers today from Palmers Green, London jobcentre where 85% of members are out.


08.18 Solidarity to everyone on strike today, from electrician members of Unite London 


0816 Breaking news: Prison officers walk out in protest at pension age increases.


08.13 Companies House in Cardiff reports 10 members picketing. Management warns there will be no IT or support for businesses today.


08.12 Reports of CWU postal workers refusing to cross picket lines around the country and in particular at the DWP Hume House office in Leeds.


08.10 Home office south east England branch reports picket lines at seven out of nine workplaces from 6 to11pm last eve and from 05.45 this morning at ports. Estimate at least 95% support for the strike.

08.08 Solidarity message from Egypt: "I support the public service and health workers strike against government cuts in pensions. Also in Egypt we face privatisation plans for the health service which will decrease the rights of both doctors and patients.” Dr Mona Mina, member of the Egyptian Doctors’ Union National Executive Committee

08.04 Salford Revenue PCS members welcome a visit from local unison reps wanting to know what time to bring breakfast for pickets.

07.59 Management at the principal registry of the family division of the High Court expects so many on strike today that staff are instructed "no urgent orders will be drawn unless absolutely necessary."

0753 Northwest London Unison branch sends solidarity to all public sector workers taking action to defend pensions.


07.50 DWP/IPS Northgate, Glasgow pickets out in force despite the pouring rain. Managers driving into the building at speed.


07.46 Picket line at Bow, east London, Met Police contact centre. Reports of only one person answering 999 calls on the night shift. Lots of support from police officer colleagues, including cups of tea. 



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