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PCS ballot: vote ‘yes’ to oppose cuts to redundancy pay

We are urging all eligible members to vote yes in a ballot which runs from  7-28 November to reject the Cabinet Office’s ‘offer’ on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme which proposes deep cuts to redundancy terms. 

We have written to Minister for the Cabinet Office, Ben Gummer, to express our disgust with these unacceptable attacks on members’ terms and conditions, which are simply a way of making it easier and cheaper to cut more jobs.

These attacks include:

  • The way redundancy payments are calculated to be cut from 4 to 3 weeks’ pay for each year of service
  • Voluntary exit and redundancy caps to be cut from 21 to 18 months
  • The compulsory redundancy cap to be cut from 12 to 9 months
  • Reduced access to an early pension, with the age at which this can be taken rising to 55 and tracking behind state pension age.

Fresh attacks

The government is aiming to slash civil service redundancy just 6 years after the current civil service redundancy scheme was introduced in December 2010.

The terms were described by then Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, as "fair, affordable and sustainable; they offer protection to the lowest paid and those nearing retirement, and put a cap on the total amount which can be paid out to any one individual."

Despite this promise, the government announced fresh attacks on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS) when they opened a consultation on 8 February. The proposals were wide ranging but all signified a radical reduction in compensation terms.

The consultation closed on 4 May and PCS has submitted a response alongside over 1,600 members outlining why these latest attacks are not just unnecessary but unjustified and unfair.

The government has now announced it is pressing ahead with plans to slash civil service redundancy terms by at least 25%, and for many people by considerably more.

Without any prior notice, on 26 September the Cabinet Office wrote to the civil service unions confirming its 'offer' on a revised Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

The Cabinet Office has wrote to all civil service unions (opens as PDF) offering talks, but only on the outrageous pre-condition, that union negotiators accept, in advance, the cuts to civil servants' redundancy terms.
With the civil service planning thousands of job cuts and office closures, PCS is firmly opposed to cuts to redundancy terms. Along with Unite and the POA, we have refused to be bullied into accepting the pre-conditions and have been excluded from the talks.
This means that the Cabinet Office is now refusing to negotiate with unions representing the overwhelming majority of civil servants.
Regrettably two civil service unions, FDA and Prospect have agreed to the pre-conditions, and talks on cutting redundancy terms are taking place with them.

Campaign plan

Our national executive has agreed a campaign plan, including:

  • Exploring any legal options for a challenge
  • Calling on all civil service unions to act together
  • Lobbying politicians to oppose any required legislative changes
  • Consulting members on the proposals and their willingness to take strike action.

As part of our campaign against these attacks we want you to:


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