Austerity pay calculator

PCS is committed to fighting austerity pay as part of our campaign against government cuts to pensions, pay and jobs.

Our austerity pay calculator gives a personal estimate of the impact of the government’s austerity pay policies on your income. 

It also shows the effect of additional pension contributions on spending power. Austerity pay also has a long-term effect on the value of our pensions. By reducing the real value of salaries, this cuts the level of pension that you will receive when you retire.

Join the fight against austerity pay

Use and share the PCS austerity pay calculator to see how much you could lose because of the pay freeze/pay cap, increasing pension contributions and rises in the cost of living.

Share your results by emailing Activate editor Dave Tilley at

(How does it work? Read the austerity pay calculator technical note)

Austerity pay and you

In 2010 the government introduced austerity pay – a two-year pay freeze followed by two years when pay will only increase by 1%. 

With the cost of living – food, clothes, petrol and bills – rising faster than pay, the real value of salaries is falling and austerity is biting hard:

• Members saw their income fall by an average of £100 a month in the first six months
• 88% have cut down on spending
• 54% said their wages don't last the month

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