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PCS is spearheading a united campaign against welfare cuts alongside other trade unions and charities.
Because we believe that the goverment's approach is fundamentally wrong our welfare campaigning aims to tackle the divisive and uncaring policies head-on.  

Cruel and unfair sanctions

The Department for Work and Pensions organised a week from 30 September to 4 October apparently celebrating the even tougher sanctions imposed on the unemployed.
We were appalled that the DWP organised so-called conditionality week as a 'celebration of how far we have come since the introduction of tougher sanction levels last year'. 
Although the department has said that events were cancelled or scaled down, we had reports of outrageous and inappropriate events taking place across the UK.
These events include quizzes using offensive anagrams, financial rewards for staff and dedicated conditionality sessions.


The new welfare laws will mean that people who receive benefits and who work part-time will be subject to conditions if it is judged that they are able to work full-time. There are such a huge number of people on 'in-work’ benefits assessing who can work full-time would be expensive and impractical.
Those out of work are already subject to cruel and unfair sanction regimes. There is currently a condition of “botherability” for those out of work meaning they can be questioned at any time, even at weekends.
This extended to a single mother being expected to attend an interview on Mothering Sunday.


Welfare isn’t about ‘strivers’ vs ‘scroungers’.

But you wouldn’t know it from reading the papers. Media coverage usually ignores the large numbers of people who work and rely on benefits.

As public servants our members are often poorly paid and many of them depend on these ‘in-work’ benefits to get by.

That’s why we’re stepping up our campaign for a welfare system that gives people the support they need and offers real routes out of poverty.

£30 billion cuts

Supportive social security systems based on dignity and respect help individuals, families, communities and the wider economy.

Life on benefits is far from easy. Since the link between benefits and earnings was ended under the Thatcher government the level of benefits has fallen from 20% of average waged income to only 10%. Jobseeker’s Allowance for someone under 25 is now only £56.25.

But this government has launched the biggest attack on the welfare state for generations:

  • Individual benefits for children, housing and health have been frozen, cut or abolished.
  • People with disabilities and unemployed workers face punitive new systems based on conditionality, sanctions and low benefit levels. 

Action now

Join us. Take action now to defend welfare.

Email welfare@pcs.org.uk


Kirsten - the mum


"I work part-time at the jobcentre so I can take my children to and from school.

"They could refuse to pay my benefits because I refuse to work more hours.

"Me and the kids will end up staying in B&Bs."

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