HP plans to offshore AMS work

25 May 2011

Your PCS representatives have today been informed that the company plans to offshore AMS work to Bangalore later this year. Staff will be given more detailed information over the next few days through a series of roadshows to outline company plans. These proposals are part of the ADAMS 2 contract and are part of the drive to deliver efficiency savings to the DWP.

The plans, if implemented in full, could have an impact on over 150 jobs and would involve PCS members co-operating in the knowledge transfer later this summer with the work expected to begin moving to Bangalore in early November 2011. The plans are dependent on government agreement - with ministers expected to reach a final decision in August or September.

PCS members, especially those working in AMS, will be extremely concerned at the prospect of central government work being carried out from an offshore location and the impact this will have on job security. PCS has already raised concerns with HP and we have pressed the company to ensure that plans are put in place at the earliest stage to ensure that our members are not impacted in a negative way.

Your PCS representatives will be doing all we can to influence ministers before any final decision is taken. We will be raising the issue with the PCS parliamentary group so that ministers are questioned on the overall saving to the taxpayer.

PCS has yet to be convinced that selling jobs to an offshore location can actually save the taxpayer money and we will be highlighting the fact that it makes no economic sense if the savings made on the DWP account are overshadowed by the overall costs on items such as benefits and wider costs to the community.

It will be crucial that all members play their part in this campaign - if AMS work is allowed to be offshore, the danger is that this will only be the tip of the iceberg.

We will be holding members meetings and issuing further communications shortly. If you have anything to contribute to the campaign whether that be through information or offers of practical help, please contact your local PCS rep.

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