Unlawful deduction of salary

An Employment Tribunal has found in favour of a PCS member's claim of unlawful deduction of salary following a period of sickness absence.

The claim brought into question the advice HP received from their occupational health providers and which HP had acted upon contrary to our member's wishes.

Our member brought the claim, which was supported by PCS, after failing to gain redress through the internal grievance procedure.

The tribunal's judgement was that the claim was 'well founded' and has ordered HP to pay the salary deducted.

Although personal cases only represent a small part of what PCS does, there are wider issues arising from such cases, in this instance; how HP acts on the advice of occupational health where this may conflict with members' wishes and other medical evidence, and this is something PCS will wish to pursue with HP management further.

Organising for success

The success of PCS, on all issues, depends on:-

  • High membership levels
  • Well organised workplaces
  • An active membership that is prepared to support our elected representatives.
  • As a member, please encourage your colleagues to join PCS and to play a part in improving their working life.



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