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Waiting for a CSP Statement

25 Mar 2015

Update on CSP Statements
Consultation with DfT and Highways Agency

25 Mar 2015

Your Department DfT have been almost completely absent from joint talks which have now commenced.
What does a Government Owned COmpany mean?

25 Mar 2015

Many members have asked PCS to clarify what a Government Owned Company is and why PCS remains opposed to Highways Agency becoming a Government owned Company.
Attendance Management Policy - Disability Related Sick Leave

2 Mar 2015

This briefing provides advice on how to deal with cases members bring to your attention. It also covers a recent separate legal victory by PCS in the Land Registry Group which covers non-payment of bonuses to staff with to sick warnings for disability related sick leave.
Members back PCS Demands On HA Terms and Conditions

27 Feb 2015

The Infrastructure bill has now been passed. Despite this our campaign continues.
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