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Attendance Management Policy - Disability Related Sick Leave

2 Mar 2015

This briefing provides advice on how to deal with cases members bring to your attention. It also covers a recent separate legal victory by PCS in the Land Registry Group which covers non-payment of bonuses to staff with to sick warnings for disability related sick leave.
Members back PCS Demands On HA Terms and Conditions

27 Feb 2015

The Infrastructure bill has now been passed. Despite this our campaign continues.
DfT is appealing

20 Feb 2015

But not in a nice way
Member Briefing on DfT Attendance Management

16 Feb 2015

Last week we learnt of a significant legal victory achieved by PCS, FDA & Prospect unions on Attendance Management triggers. The High Court declared on 3 February 2015 that the New Policy was imposed (in July 2012) without union agreement. This was declared unlawful because relevant parts of the Staff Handbook were deemed contractual.
Unions' legal challenge sees off punitive DfT sick policy

5 Feb 2015

PCS and other civil service unions have successfully challenged plans to unilaterally impose a new 'seriously detrimental' sickness absence policy at the Department for Transport.
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