DWP Group Hardship Fund

20 January 2011


The DWP Group Executive Committee (GEC) has set up a Group Hardship fund to support members facing serious financial hardship during disputes. The 2800 members on strike in the TPIP dispute will be the first to benefit. This circular explains how it will work and how branches can contribute to the hardship fund


PCS members face attacks on Jobs, Conditions of Service, Pay, Pensions and the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS). As a part of our fight against these attacks the GEC has set up a Group hardship fund.

This hardship fund will be used to give vital support to members in dispute. The 2800 members in seven TPIP sites on strike on 20/21 January will be the first to benefit from this hardship fund.   

These TPIP members are not just striking about their own terms and conditions. There action is part of a growing, wider CCD campaign. It is action on behalf of all DWP members against an increasingly oppressive management. 

All branches are encouraged to raise money for the Group hardship fund. Branches can collect money from members, hold bucket collections, raise money through raffles and other fund raising events, including from other unions and trades councils. Send any money raised by cheque to Group office, address below, made payable to - DWP Group hardship account.   

Attached is a form members can use to set up a standing order or make a one off donation. Standing orders should be made payable to – DWP Group Hardship account, sort code 086001, account number 20256766.  

Branches that need money from the Group hardship account to help support members should apply to the GEC giving details. The GEC will allocate funds to branches

The GEC won’t pay out money to individual members. Branches involved in industrial action can best make local decisions on hardship applications from their members.

Industrial action is always a last resort but when it is necessary this hardship fund will help to support members in difficult times.

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