CSA Staff Under Attack


PCS members working in the Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission (CMEC) in particular have been coming under increased attack on Facebook through the so called CSA Hell site.

CSA Hell?
PCS members and representatives have been monitoring the site for some time and where necessary have been raising matters with the Agency.

Matters recently took a turn for the worse with the publication of staff names and photographs taken from individual Facebook accounts. Also friends of staff were published. This occurred because some staff have listed CSA as their employer and the CSA Hell site has wrongly assumed that all their friends worked for the Agency.

Additionally the CSA Hell site ran a poll which Asked visitors what they would do if they were driving along and saw a CSA case officer crossing the road. Options included “speeding up and running them down”, “hitting them with an open car door” or ignoring them as they aren’t worth it”!!

PCS has been in negotiations with CSA Management and PCS DWP Group Assistant Secretary Dave Richards commented that “Staff in CSA do an important job collecting record amounts of maintenance and helping lift children out of poverty. They should have the right to do so free from harassment and threats of violence.”

David continued “I am pleased to report that CSA and the Security Management Team are taking the matter very serious and are having successes in closing the site and/or having the worst elements removed.”

David added “It’s important that any staff with a Facebook account make sure it’s locked and they remove their employment details from their pages. This will stop such anti CSA sites from getting easy access to your details and putting you on their name and shame list”.

Staff within CSA who are concerned about their safety have the opportunity to have a pseudonym or ‘work name’ and PCS encourages staff who are worried to do so.

Staff who have concerns or want further information should speak to their line manager and/or contact their local PCS representative.

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