Frequently asked questions

Q: My manager says I might be disciplined what should I do?

A: Contact your local rep, or branch secretary immediately. 
Details of your branch are in the branch directory.

Q: I have a grading query who can I speak to?

A:  In the first instance you should contact your branch secretary. You can look up the name of your branch secretary in the branch directory.

Q: I think I need legal advice, who do I call?

A: If the advice is about an accident or a work related illness contact the Personal Injury Unit at PCS head office on 0207 801 2651. If the legal advice required is about employment law contact your branch secretary.  

Q: What is the number of the legal helpline?

A: Legal 24 hr helpline 0800 916 9066        

Q: I have not recieved my ballot paper/magazine?

A: If you've changed your home or workplace address recently please e-mail the DWP group office or call 0113 200 5300.

If you've changed your work address contact your local representative

Q: How do I notify PCS of my change of address?

A: Members in Department for Work and Pensions should e-mail the DWP group office or call 0113 200 5300. 

Any members not employed by DWP can find their group office contact details under the 'PCS where I work' tab above.

Q: Where is the group office located, do you have a map?

A: 3rd Floor, Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LY.  We are just a 10 minute walk from Leeds city railway station. A detailed map is available.

Q: How can I become a PCS representative?

A: Information about the role of a PCS representative and how you can get more involved in your union is available on the "get involved" pages of this web site.

Q: How can I get a PCS application form?

A: Either e-mail the DWP group office and an application form will be sent or alternatively phone 0113 200 5300 or download an application form

Q:  Where can I get some recruitment material for my branch's recruitment drive?

A:  Contact the DWP group office by email or by phone 0113 200 5300 with details of your requirements.

Q: Can I remain a member of the PCS if I leave the department?

A: Yes. You can become an associate and retired member. Contact your branch secretary for an application form or phone 020 7801 2639 or look at the PCS website under associations. 

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