OHS consultations for attendance management


Your OHS referral

Your manager should explain why your case should be referred to the OHS. Your case will only be sent to the OHS once you have given written consent.

You may take advice from your PCS representative to help ensure that the OHS referral is clear, complete and accurate.
Ask for a copy of the Referral to help you prepare for your OHS consultation and always request a copy of the OHS Outcome Report.

Your OHS appointment

A health referral will result in you being invited to take part in a rapid telephone consultation with a OHS nurse. In a minority of more complex cases it may be necessary for this to progress to a face to face appointment, an assessment with a doctor or for a report to be requested from your doctor.

Your manager has instructions on the management of your OHS appointment (OHS manager zone 5, step 6). Your manager must ensure:

  • The employee has access to a private room at the appointed time;
  • A room with a speaker phone is provided if a friend, colleague or TU rep is present. The OH practitioner must be informed if there is anyone else present at the consultation.

Your OHS rights

You have the right to expect:

  • The department to ensure your job and working environment do not cause or contribute to ill health;
  • To be treated fairly and sensitively when you have a health problem;
  • To have reasonable adjustments considered and made, where appropriate, when you have an underlying health condition or disability that affects your ability to attend work or do your job;
  • Reasonable support in your rehabilitation back to work;
  • Your manager to explain why they want to refer your case for occupational health advice;
  • To be given reasonable time to reflect before giving consent;
  • Your case not to be referred if you do not give your consent;
  • To be allowed to be accompanied by a friend or trade union representative;
  • Confidentiality.

Your PCS support

Contact your local PCS representative for advice and support when your manager proposes a referral to the OHS.


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