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The PCS Home Office group deals with issues specifically affecting members in these areas:

  • Criminal Records Bureau
  • Home Office HQ
  • Identity and Passport Service
  • Independent Safeguarding Authority
  • UK Border Agency

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Home Office and HM Passport Office withdraw check-off

The Home Office, including HM Passport Office, has served notice that it is going to stop you paying your union subscriptions via your pay slip (check-off). You need to act now to retain your union membership.

The withdrawal of check-off is a politically motivated attack to bust our union. We must not let them shut our union down in the Home Office and HMPO.

PCS has written to the Home Office to express our opposition to this. However every member needs to make sure they complete a direct debit mandate now.

The future of the union

If members fail to complete a direct debit mandate by the time the Home Office removes the check-off facility then there is the potential that PCS will cease to exist in the Home Office. You will have no representation and the employer will be able to run riot over your terms and conditions and railroad through every divisive and detrimental policy. There will be no proper branch structures with local union reps and you will have limited protection from these attacks as we will not be in a position to organise any proper form of defence.

It is absolutely crucial to the union’s future that members in the Home Office including the Passport Office and DBS play their part in helping to protect our union against these attacks by providing PCS with the necessary direct debit details today.

PCS action in your workplace:

  • saves jobs
  • improves pay (last year the Home Office pay deal delivered spot rates for the lowest grades with rates higher than the living wage)
  • major campaign on HMPO issues that members are concerned about.

Completing a Direct Debit mandate only takes a couple of minutes, but in doing so you will be playing your part in making sure the attacks don’t succeed and PCS continues to be an effective voice in the workplace. All you need is your bank sort code and account number.

How to make the switch:

  • Online
  • Phone - Call 0800 317 464 (free) or 0207 801 2670/2680 from 7am to 7pm
  • Email – Email membership@pcs.org.uk with your name and telephone number and somebody from the union will contact you
  • Post - Return a direct debit switch form to: PCS Membership Department, Freepost – BFH1003, 160 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2BR. Alternatively, give the form to your local PCS rep.

Make the switch, secure our future



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