Further site closures announced under DIO Footprint strategy

24 March 2016

Today, Minister for Defence, Personnel & Veterans Mark Lancaster announced the closure of another 12 Ministry of Defence sites as part of the austerity cuts that will see 18,000 civilians lose their jobs and 68 defence sites close over the life of this parliament.

The latest announcement adds the following sites to the list:

  • Burgoyne Barracks (Part of Shorncliffe Barracks, Folkestone),
  • Clive Barracks (Tern Hill, Shropshire),
  • Fitz Wygram House - Royal Army Vet Corps (Aldershot),
  • Army Officer Selection Board Westbury (Wiltshire),
  • Defence Training Estate Land near Cove, East of Fleet (Farnborough),
  • Rylston Road Army Reserves Centre (London),
  • MOD Wethersfield (Essex),
  • Chetwynd Barracks (Chilwell, Nottinghamshire),
  • Thornhill Barracks (Part of Clayton Barracks, Aldershot),
  • MOD Cheadle Hulme (Greater Manchester)

Most of these sites are earmarked to close by 2020, although Thornhill is to close a year later and Cheadle in 2022.

PCS continues to press MoD for more specific information regarding site closures and indeed for MoD to stop drip feeding their footprint strategy in a cynical attempt to bury bad news under as many announcements as possible.

PCS will continue to demand:

  • Full engagement and information sharing
  • No enforced relocations
  • No enforced redundancies.

Latest Defender Magazine

March 2016:

Defender issue 1 2016 cover


Defence Sector Group Statement on Trident Renewal

17 February 2016

As the debate around Trident replacement heats up, it’s helpful to clarify our union’s position on the issue.

PCS has hundreds of members involved in the maintenance of the current nuclear deterrent and increasingly involved in plans for its replacement – the so called 'successor programme'.

Our union is therefore critically aware of the concerns of members and the importance of ensuring that their voice is heard in the debate.

Our union’s national policy has been to oppose the renewal of Trident, on the basis of the ever escalating cost.

However our policy also encompasses the concerns of those who currently work to support the Trident and successor programmes. National conference in 2007 agreed motion A356, which said:

 "This Conference recognises that under international law nuclear weapons are illegal, and that currently a bill is getting put through the Scottish Parliament to criminalise the politicians and senior military personnel who promote and are in charge of the nuclear deterrent.

The Conference recognises however that thousands of households in the West Dunbartonshire area rely on the Clyde naval bases of Faslane and Coulport, and the area would be economically devastated if these naval bases were under threat.

This Conference recognises that many people and many trade unions are against Trident and against the replacement of Trident. However, this Conference must remember that there are hundreds of PCS members working in these naval bases.

Without prejudicing PCS taking a position on Trident, the incoming NEC is instructed that its foremost thought if campaigning against Trident is the safeguarding of the hundreds of PCS members at Faslane and Coulport."

This amplified previous conference policy, which was to ensure any debate around the replacement or otherwise of Trident safeguarded the jobs and futures of all those working on the programme.

Our group will be working with the national executive committee and other interested parties to ensure that this policy is paramount in any wider discussions around the replacement of Trident.

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