Managing attendance campaign

In January 2009 management launched the new managing attendance policy (MAP), the last in a series of revised policies to be introduced. The policy was released despite management refusing to accept the policy formed part of our terms and conditions and we should reach a negotiated agreement rather than just be consulted about the policy.

Management has stated the revised policy and a robust approach is necessary to tackle the poor attendance culture in the MoJ, even though there is little evidence to support this.

PCS is campaigning for improvements to this policy. These pages give you information on management’s position, our concerns, objectives and how you can get involved in our campaign.

PCS campaign objectives

We are campaigning so members are supported by the employer and are not punished. We believe that a supportive approach to those who suffer ill health will lead to more effective service delivery rather than implementing policies and processes designed to punish staff.

PCS is campaigning for:

  • an overhaul of the existing policy through a negotiated agreement with PCS
  • a proper EIA to be undertaken with our involvement to ensure the end of discriminatory practices
  • a senior manager to have overall responsibility for the policy
  • our involvement at every stage of the MAP process
  • an end to warnings being issued prior to Atos Origin reports being obtained
  • no decision on managing attendance to be made by any manager who has not been trained in the policy and has not had equality training specific to managing attendance
  • agreed guidelines on the implementation of reasonable adjustments
  • the link being broken between sick absence and the performance efficiency programme
  • an agreed method of recording and collating sickness absences statistics that differentiates disability/pregnancy related and short term and long term sickness absences
  • improvements to the service delivery from Atos Origin
  • improvements to the ill-health retirement criteria and service delivery from Capita

What you can do to support the PCS campaign

  • complete the online survey
  • encourage non-members to join PCS
  • obtain advice from PCS at all stages of the MAP process and make your manager aware you are involving your union

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