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There are over 1000 workplaces, courts, offices, tribunals, prisons within the MoJ, and PCS has members in virtually every one.

We recognise the critical importance communications play in involving members of the MoJ in the union’s activities.

While face to face communications and newsletters and our quarterly journal, "justice matters", will continue to be important, we hope that this website will play a central role in ensuring we are able to give information rapidly and to seek the input and involvement of members in PCS in the MoJ group.

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21 August

  24.14 Pay 2014 - Consultation & Imposition

30 July

100% support continues on day 2 of shared services strike

30 July

100% support on first day of MoJ shared services strike

30 July

Extra day's strike action for Newport shared services

30 July

Bootle MoJ Strike day 4: support remains 100%

1 July

  36.14 Advice for strike SSC 30 June and ASOS

26 June

  17.14 Performance Management

19 June

  34.14 SSC Ballot result

  15.14 Criminal Enforcement - Why privatise?

19 June

  15.14 Criminal Enforcement - Why Privatise

17 June

  16.14 Launch of Movement to work

17 June

  14.14 Action short of strike guidance - Shared Services

02 June

Shared Services members - industrial action ballot 30 May-18 June

29 May

  13.14 Shared Services Update

21 May

  MoJ GEC election results 2014

  MoJ group election results 2014

16 May

  Direct debit switch flyer

9 May

  10.14 Shared Services privatisation campaign


  11.14 Shared Services - privatisation decision deferred

2 May

Shared Services No To Privatisation Campaign

1 May -   MoJ nomination report 2014

24 Feb - 2014 MoJ conference briefing no.2

13 Feb

MoJ/BB/14/14: AGMs - An opportunity to recruit ULRs

  14.14 ULR recruitment briefing

  14a.14 ULR notification form 2014

  14b.14 Formal notification of ULR appointment Feb 2014

28 Feb

MoJ/BB/02/14 Privatisation - MoJ "considering all options" for "back office admin services"

  • Minister replies to Newport MP
  • Department won’t rule out off-shoring of shared services roles
  • No substantiation of where reputed £400 - £600m savings are to be made – but we can guess
  • All branches asked to support the campaigns against outsourcing – it could be any of us next

24 Feb - MoJ annual report 2013

11 Feb - MoJ group conference 2014

The MoJ group conference 2014 will take place this year from Monday 19 to Tuesday 20 May 2014 and not 20 to 21 May, as stated in error in MoJ/BB/01/14.

Conference briefing no.2 will detail the arrangements for hotel accommodation, subsistence claims and Baxter Hoare Travel etc and will be issued shortly and this, you will be pleased to note, does contain the correct dates for conference.

Please appreciate our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

22 Jan

MoJ/BB/04/14 Performance - challenge your marking if you disagree!

  • Performance Management – delay in data becoming available
  • PCS gain assurances – no automatic links to with-holding pay or to new Poor Performance Procedure
  • Submit the PCS PM6 letter template if you object to your mid-year marking
  • Submit a formal grievance if you receive no response to PM6 letter in 14 days

15 Jan - Five go on a treasure hunt

TIBIT finally reveals the five private sector speculators ready to profit from Criminal Enforcement privatisation.

ATOS, BT, Capita, IBM, and LIBERATA are all named.

20 Nov -   62.13 Shared Services Privatisation

20 Nov -   56.13 Performance Management

20 Nov -   55.13 Criminal Enforcement - Dec 2013 update

13 Nov

  52.13 Performance Management - Request for Information

If you have been issued objectives which are not SMART or have any examples of where you believe ‘must improve’ markings have been issued inappropriately please let PCS know immediately so we can raise areas of concern with national management.

Read our frequently asked questions guide (FAQs) for members

6 Nov

MoJ/MB/51/13 Criminal enforcement and SFO investigation

  • Shadow justice secretary calls for G4S to be barred from bidding.
  • Lobby your MP to support our campaign against privatisation.  

5 Nov

MoJ/MB/48/13 criminal enforcement

  • Widening the campaign against privatisation
  • Complete the e-actions – it could be any of us next 

  Criminal Enforcement PCS campaign template Police commissioner letter

29 October

Low pay scandal - your views needed

G4S and Mitie members working on the MoJ contract.

3 October -   42.13 Non- cooperation with staff survey

20 September -   39.13 Criminal Enforcement and PENTIP- campaign updates

30 August - Justice Matters No.3 - August 2013 -   Justice Matters No 3

12 August -   36.13 Anger builds over Performance Management

5 August

29 July


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