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There are more than 1,000 workplaces, courts, offices, tribunals, prisons within the MoJ, and PCS has members in virtually every one.

We recognise the critical importance communications play in involving members of the MoJ in the union’s activities.

While face to face communications and newsletters and our quarterly journal, "justice matters", will continue to be important, we hope that this website will play a central role in ensuring we are able to give information rapidly and to seek the input and involvement of members in PCS in the MoJ group.

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21 August

Take Part in the Court Closure Survey

PCS has launched a survey to consult members on courts minister Shailesh Vara's plan to close dozens of courts or integrate them into others.

MITIE Pay - Don't get Angry, Get Organised

We must unite to end the pay freeze by increasing the number of members in our union and improving our workplace organisation.

10 August

Progress continues on DD switch in MoJ

Visits from PCS lay activists and full-time officials to switch members in the MoJ to pay their subs by direct debit have caused quite a stir.

Challenging the court closure proposals

PCS has been in discussion with HM Courts and Tribunals Service about the proposals to close 91 courts and tribunal buildings and the integration of 31 other buildings. A strategy going forward has been agreed.

7 August

Proposed court closures are part of attack on public sector

The main concern of PCS is its members and your PCS negotiators are urgently engaging with MoJ and are committed to ensuring that the views of its members are the driving force behind the PCS input into the consultation process.

30 July

MoJ Pay Offer 2015/16 - An update for all PCS members on the MoJ Pay Offer.

20 July

New courts closures will further restrict access to justice - Dozens of courts could close or be integrated into others as the government has announced plans to use town halls to host hearings.

9 July

Five chances to win £100 - Five lucky PCS members could win £100 each, by taking just a couple of minutes to register.

8 June

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