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There are more than 1,000 workplaces, courts, offices, tribunals, prisons within the MoJ, and PCS has members in virtually every one.

We recognise the critical importance communications play in involving members of the MoJ in the union’s activities.

While face to face communications and newsletters and our quarterly journal, "justice matters", will continue to be important, we hope that this website will play a central role in ensuring we are able to give information rapidly and to seek the input and involvement of members in PCS in the MoJ group.

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8 June

  MoJ A4 Recruitment leaflet

   MoJ Recruitment-Switch A4 poster

  MoJ DD switch leaflet

 2 April

MoJ now removing check-off - (deduction of union subsciptions from payroll)

13 March

Check-Off consultation update 

  13.03 Check Off letter to Pam Rogers

3 March

Consultation on proposed removal of the check-off facility

3 March

Letter from MoJ commencing consultation about proposed removal of check-off 

6 February

Criminal Enforcement Privatisation Campaign Update

18 November

  Direct Debit Make the Switch now

06 November

  41.14 Shared Services transfer to SSCL

13 October

Boycott the 2014 Staff Survey

3 October

Shared Services Privatisation Imminent

21 August

  24.14 Pay 2014 - Consultation & Imposition

30 July

100% support continues on day 2 of shared services strike

30 July

100% support on first day of MoJ shared services strike

30 July

Extra day's strike action for Newport shared services

30 July

Bootle MoJ Strike day 4: support remains 100%

1 July

  36.14 Advice for strike SSC 30 June and ASOS

26 June

  17.14 Performance Management

19 June

  34.14 SSC Ballot result

  15.14 Criminal Enforcement - Why privatise?

19 June

  15.14 Criminal Enforcement - Why Privatise

17 June

  16.14 Launch of Movement to work

17 June

  14.14 Action short of strike guidance - Shared Services

02 June

Shared Services members - industrial action ballot 30 May-18 June

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