Ministry of Justice

There are more than 1,000 workplaces, courts, offices, tribunals, prisons within the MoJ, and PCS has members in virtually every one.

We recognise the critical importance communications play in involving members of the MoJ in the union’s activities.

While face to face communications and newsletters and our quarterly journal, "justice matters", will continue to be important, we hope that this website will play a central role in ensuring we are able to give information rapidly and to seek the input and involvement of members in PCS in the MoJ group.

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8 September 2016
Stop the privatisation of civilian enforcement officers
The MoJ plans to privatise the work done by its civilian enforcement officers which could see almost 200 civil servants privatised.

30 Aug 2016
PCS pushes for urgent talks with HMCTS about misapplication of attendance management procedure
This briefing follows the publication of an article on the HMCTS blog by HMCTS HR director Faran Johnson, dated 22 August 2016, whichcovers issues relevant to MoJ Group conference 2016 motions: A36, A37(R), A39, A40, A45.

30 Aug 2016
Consultation to take place in relation to usher roles
This briefing updates members following the urgent meeting PCS recently requested with HMCTS regarding concerns raised and observed in relation to expanding usher roles.

22 August 2016
Possible privatisation of enforcement work announced by HMCTS
HMCTS has now informed Enforcement staff of their plans to both retender for the existing Enforcement work provided in the private sector and to extend these contracts to the work carried out by its own staff, our own members.

16 Aug 2016
Urgent consultation sought in relation to expanding usher roles
This briefing sets out the PCS position regarding concerns raised and observed in relation to expanding usher roles

26 July 2016
MoJ Pay Offer 2016
PCS has been in discussions with MoJ on pay 2016.

20 July 2016
Urgent review of MoJ Attendance Management procedure confirmed
The MoJ has consented to urgently review the Attendance Management Procedure following repeated requests from PCS.



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