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1 February 2013

We have launched a new Facebook page focused on PCS activities and the positive benefits of membership.

Why the new page?

Our new Facebook page is part of our efforts to reach out beyond our existing membership and inspire people who might be considering joining PCS.

  • People are more likely to ‘like’ a Facebook page so there’s a better chance they will see our updates on their timelines and ‘like’ or ‘share’ them with their friends.
  • We want to provide another option for asking questions about PCS and to make suggestions – we’ll direct any queries to the right people if we don’t know ourselves.
  • We want to engage more with people who aren’t eligible to join but who support our work and are likely to help us spread our messages.

What's happening to the existing Facebook group?

It will remain in place and continue to offer a members-only space to discuss the wide variety of topics it currently covers.


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