Get out and join the protests against the cuts

15 October 2010

PCS members are preparing to protest across the country against the government's comprehensive spending review.

There are many demonstrations planned, starting in Wales tomorrow with a march and rally to save Newport Passport Office and a Northern Public Services Alliance rally against the cuts in Darlington.

On Monday evening there is a march against the cuts in Haringey and on Tuesday the TUC has called a day of action in London.

On the day of the coalition's announcement on Wednesday activists are taking to the streets across the UK, with PCS leading a lunchtime protest outside the Treasury, and general secretary Mark Serwotka is speaking at a Downing Street rally at 6pm.

To demonstrate our anger about the spending cuts Mark and other PCS activists are joining a march to TUC Congress House in London with many other trade unions and community groups on the morning of 23 October.

Mark said: “I would urge everyone who values public services to join the campaign and protest against the cuts.

“We have everything to fight for. If the government succeeds in rolling back the welfare state and imposing job cuts we will see a whole generation thrown on the scrapheap. It is crucial we are organised and work in unity across the movement, wherever we can.

“We know we have the right economic argument to provide a real alternative and grow the economy by closing the tax gap, creating jobs and investing in public services. We are building a mass movement to halt this government in its tracks.”

There are many other activities next week, find out what is happening near you.


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