'Rank hypocrisy' for Cameron to trumpet bringing business back

24 January 2014

As the prime minister claims he wants businesses to 'reshore' in the UK his government is allowing a private company to send civil service work overseas.

Steria has been handed a contract to carry out 'back office' work, including handling sensitive personnel and payroll information, for a range of government departments. It has confirmed some of the work will be sent overseas, most likely to India.

The Ministry of Justice is also now planning a similar move.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: "It is rank hypocrisy for the prime minister to claim he wants jobs brought back to the UK when his government is allowing a private firm to send civil service work overseas."


The union raised concerns when plans were announced in September and the Cabinet Office refused to rule out offshoring.

It called for a rethink in November when it emerged environment secretary Owen Paterson had written to Francis Maude expressing his concerns.

And in December the Ministry of Justice raised the threat of more jobs going overseas.

In November 2011, when justice secretary Chris Grayling was an employment minister, he told parliament he had blocked a plan by Hewlett Packard to offshore part of a Department for Work and Pensions contract, saying "we have indicated very clearly to our suppliers that we will not countenance seeing existing UK employment offshored".


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