Scottish independence referendum will have lasting legacy

The people of Scotland have now voted for Scotland to remain as part of the UK.

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General secretary to address Hard Up Festival

18 September 2014

Festival to coincide with the Tory party conference in Birmingham will feature union leaders and family friendly events

MPs back union's call for proper staffing in the Passport Office

16 September 2014

A group of MPs have backed the Public and Commercial Services union's demand for proper staffing in the Passport Office.

We all need a pay rise

12 September 2014

The campaign continues

Free trade treaty huge threat to workers

10 September 2014

The transatlantic trade and investment partnership could undermine labour standards, pay, conditions and union rights, TUC Congress heard.

Check-off attacks are attempt to undermine PCS

10 September 2014

Government attempts to end the system of collecting PCS union subs from salaries in the civil service are an attack on the union, TUC Congress heard.

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