Support high street protests on Saturday

25 May 2011

PCS members are being urged to demonstrate outside banks this weekend with supporters of the tax justice pressure group UK Uncut.

The idea is to highlight the billions of pounds worth of tax breaks given to the banking sector – money which could and should be invested in the NHS.

Dubbed “The Emergency Occupation” the UK Uncut action on Saturday 28 May will involve occupying banks and turning them into big society hospitals.

PCS is encouraging members and supporters to download the attached flyer and distribute it outside banks during the occupations.

  UK Uncut 28 May leaflet

PCS branches should take banners, placards, and high-visibility jackets to demonstrate the union’s support for the campaign.

Using innovative protests UK Uncut has changed the debate about paying for public services and what value they have in our society.

PCS has campaigned for tax justice for many years. The union is delighted that the issue has been taken into shops and onto high streets.

The union is now working with UK Uncut on more specific campaigning ideas.

PCS also supports the campaign to make police drop the charges against UK Uncut activists arrested at Fortnum and Mason on 26 March – during the trade union-backed demonstration against the cuts. Police made the arrests after assuring activists they were free to leave.

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