Protect workers and the planet

28 January 2009

The Campaign against Climate Change's second trade union conference will focus on protecting workers while campaigning for the environment.

A major theme will be how we organise to achieve the targets in the Climate Change Act while ensuring employers don't try to use environmental arguments to attack working people.CACCTU conference flyer image

As well as speakers from affiliated unions, including PCS, workshops are planned on:

  • The economics of climate change
  • Is nuclear the answer?
  • Is there such a thing as clean coal?
  • Renewable energy
  • Transport
  • Food
  • How do we get a ‘just transition’ to a zero carbon economy?
  • The role of green reps
  • Aviation.

The conference will be held on Saturday 7 March at Kings College, London. The registration fee is £10 waged, £5 unwaged.

For information and to download a flyer visit the CaCCTU website or email

For flyers to distribute in your workplace contact Anne Elliott-Day:

For more about what PCS is doing visit our green workplaces pages.

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