PCS news digest 31 August

31 August 2012

This week's news digest carries reports on: PCS agreement with HMRC, MP's report highlights ideological nature of cuts to civil service and its been a bad week for Clegg.

31 August

PCS achieves agreement with HMRC

PCS has suspended further industrial action after negotiations over the last few days led to an agreement being reached with the employer concerning job cuts, privatisation and attendance management.

PCS pours scorn on office fire sale idea - Morning Star

Shaking up government offices could save £800 million a year in public funds, MPs said today - prompting criticism from civil servants' union PCS.

30 August

MPs' report highlights ideological nature of government cuts

A committee of MPs today says civil service departments have not adequately planned for coping with fewer staff, highlighting the ideological nature of the government's cuts.

Government ‘cannot cope with cuts’ says MPs report - Union News

PCS  say 'damning' Public Accounts Committee report highlights the 'ideological nature' of Coalition government's 'cut first, plan later' approach to reducing the number of civil service staff.

Lib Dems Should Get Rid Of Nick Clegg To Prevent Electoral Wipe Out, Says Lord Oakeshott - Huffington Post

Not a good week for Deputy Prime Minister.

UK economy will contract 0.3% in 2012, says CBI - BBC

The UK economy is set to contract this year, according to the CBI, the lobbying organisation for big business.

29 August

Feeble Clegg gives tax sop to Lib Dems - Morning Star

Left Economics Advisory Panel chairman Andrew Fisher (PCS) said: "Coming just a matter of months after he voted to reduce the 50 per cent tax rate on the super-rich, Mr Clegg's pledge to tax the wealthy will be met by a chorus of derision.

Commitment to play fair in future Olympics - TUC

Unions have welcomed the joint human rights communique signed today (Wednesday) by the governments of the four countries holding the current and next three summer and winter Olympics (the UK, Russia, Brazil and Korea).

28 August

Boris To Mete Out More Workfare Misery For Young Londoners – righttowork.org.uk

A headline in today’s Evening Standard carried a stark warning to young people in London, “Work full-time for no pay or lose your benefits’, says employment minister in crackdown on NEETs”.

27 August

The Atos Games will showcase disabled people's anger at Paralympic sponsors - Guardian

Disabled campaigners have planned a week of protests against Atos to coincide with the start of the Paralympic Game.

26 August

Cameron's local Oxford council joins revolt over benefits change - Observer

Low earners will be £420 a year worse off, forcing councils to offset financial shortfall.

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