Clegg ducks behind cricket screen to avoid protesters

14 September 2012

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg ducked for cover behind a cricket screen to avoid trade union protesters as he arrived for a meeting at Trent Bridge.

The Lib Dem leader was speaking at a meeting of party colleagues from Nottingham at the county cricket ground last night, but decided to go in through a rear entrance when he saw three dozen people demonstrating outside.

Organisers wheeled a large cricket sight screen - usually used to allow batsmen to see the ball more easily - to obscure the entrance so he could sneak in.

The demo was organised by PCS's local town committee and supported by Nottingham trades council.

Protesters say some of the attendees they spoke to admitted to them they were ashamed of their party's failure to hold back the Tories' worst policies.

Speaking at the demo Paul Williams, PCS national executive member and Nottingham-based president of the union's Department for Transport group, said: "Events like these are important because we need to challenge both parts of this coalition government wherever they are.

"We also need to build support for the TUC's anti-austerity demonstrations on 20 October, and for any future co-ordinated industrial action."

PCS midlands regional secretary Andrew Lloyd said: "The fact that Clegg refused to face the protesters speaks volumes about how confident he feels about his government's policies.

"It was funny that they shielded him with the cricket screen, but his government's obsession with austerity is no laughing matter, which is why we will continue to protest at every available opportunity."


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