PCS news digest 13 April

13 April 2012

This weekly news digest is a summary of news, campaign articles, media releases and reports from the past week

13 April

Influential MPs back us over embassy cuts – PCS

An influential group of MPs has backed a call by PCS for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to reverse its decision to axe UK embassy posts around the globe.

Gran ambushes Nick Clegg to tell him what it is like to live on  the breadline – Daily Mirror

Nick Clegg was ambushed by a gran waiting to tell him what it was like living on the breadline, reported Daily Mirror.

12 April

DVLA workers urged to take action to prevent job losses – South Wales Evening Post

Transport workers in Swansea have been encouraged to support industrial action against potential cuts and office closures, reported the South Wales Evening Post.

Cuts campaigners plan street party protests – Guardian

Anti-cuts campaigners are planning to stage a series alternative street parties before the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations and the Olympics to highlight opposition to the government’s austerity programme, reported the Guardian.

11 April

Companies use fewer temps after switch to new rights – Daily Telegraph

New employment rules intended to protect temps are having the opposite effect, with fewer companies choosing to hire agency staff, new figures suggest, reported the Daily Telegraph.

‘Don’t tax Black Country pasties’ says TUC

This week Midlands TUC has launched a campaign against four local MPs' support for the 'Pasty tax' announced by chancellor George Osbourne in his recent budget, reported the TUC.

10 April

Contractors’ walkout hailed a success – PCS

The successful two-hour walkout by Department for Work and Pensions contractors demonstrated the strength of support for the 300 Balfour Beatty employees who are facing compulsory redundancy on the lowest pay-off terms allowed by law, reported the PCS website.

Queen asked to intervene in NHS diamond jubilee pay dispute – Guardian

Unite asks Queen to intervene on behalf of NHS staff expected to work for normal pay on bank holiday to celebrate jubilee, reported the Guardian.

Millionaire tax avoiders ‘shock’ chancellor – BBC

Chancellor George Osborne says he is "shocked" that some of the UK's richest people have organised their finances so that they pay virtually no income tax, reported the BBC.

9 April

100,000 more jobless by summer – Morning Star

Trade unionists and economists joined forces on Monday to demand more action to save jobs following fears that unemployment is set to spiral out of control this summer, reported the Morning Star.

Tory MPs in revolt over calls to publish their tax returns – Daily Mirror

Top-tier Tories have gone back on plans to make ministers publish tax returns following a cabinet revolt, reported the Daily Mirror.

8 April

Senior officer calls for watchdog after Met police racism revelations – Observer

Police cannot restore trust over racism on their own, says chairman of Black Police Association, Bevan Powell, reported the Observer.

Teachers vote for more strikes – Union-News

Teachers are to step up industrial action in a move that could see co-ordinated strike action with other unions, reported the Union-News website.

7 April

The cost of inequality: A chronicle of capitalist catastrophe – Red Pepper magazine

Christopher Hird reviewed the book The Cost of Inequality: Three Decades of the Super-Rich and the Economy which chronicles the catastrophe of the capitalism of the last 30 years.

Osborne backs tax transparency – Independent

A US-style system of top politicians' tax returns being published could be considered in the UK, George Osborne indicated as the issue of personal finances continued to dominate the London mayoral race, reported the Independent.

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