PCS hero wins bravery award

30 March 2009

A PCS member from the Metropolitan Police has been commended for bravery.

George McNaught, a community support officer in west London, wrestled a gun out of the hands of a suspect.

PCS member George McNaught

George McNaught (right) with police commissioner Paul Stephenson. Photo: Colin Lee, Metropolitan Police.

George was patrolling Victoria station when he stopped the suspect who was behaving suspiciously.

The next thing he knew she pulled out a gun, first pointing it at him and then at a young boy who happened to be passing.

“I thought there was going to be a bloodbath” said George. “I don’t know the first thing about guns, but I thought its better that she gets me than any of the civilians.

“My gut instinct kicked in and I just jumped on top of her.”

George managed to disarm her and held her there until colleagues arrived to arrest her.

In recognition of his heroism, George was awarded the commendation of the High Sheriff of London. He is the first police community support officer to receive this award.

George is an active member of the union. He joined the union when he first became a community support officer, and is now a member of his branch executive committee.

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