HMRC strike to disrupt new tax year and real-time PAYE

8 April 2013

A half-day strike of up to 55,000 PCS members in HM Revenue and Customs is taking place this morning.

The action is aimed at disrupting the start of the new tax year and the introduction of PAYE real time information.

There are picket lines at workplaces around the UK - including call centres, processing offices and the face-to-face enquiry centres the government plans to close and many offices will hold ‘walk-ins’ at 1pm so staff all go back to work together in a show of solidarity.

The strike follows a very solidly supported walkout by PCS members in other government employers on Friday (5) and is part of a three-month campaign over cuts to pay, pensions and conditions, which started with a national strike on budget day on 20 March.

Send updates from your picket line to 07624 806 232

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