Reactions to ripping up our rights

15 November 2012

PCS members have been speaking out against the government's attack on our terms and conditions.

Not content with battering civil servants on jobs, pensions and pay, the government has now trained its sights on our terms and conditions.

It is currently reviewing all our rights at work including: working hours, flexitime arrangements, sick pay, holidays and childcare.

"I am the sole carer for my 84-year-old mother who has a severe, long-term health condition," said Cathie from Lancashire. "With the support of my colleagues I can fulfil my role as a carer but, if flexible working were to be withdrawn, this would have a serious impact on my ability to fulfil my caring responsibilities."

"I have always considered the British civil service to be a jewel in the crown of our democracy," said Graham from Birmingham. "But I am extremely concerned at the long-term effects on our society if the attacks on the civil service succeed."

"This will take me away from the volunteering I have done in the community for 10 years," said Michael from Northampton. "I will, in effect, lose flexi time and my working life will be demoralised."

While Rhobet from London was very concerned about the government's attempts to cut reps' facility time.

"Being a union rep and an equality officer I tend to take a lot of work home already," he said. "With planned attacks on union facility time I doubt I will even survive until I'm 68 to get what's left of my pension."

On 30 November the union is organising a day of co-ordinated protest against this latest, vindictive attack on civil servants.

Find out more about our campaign and protest.

Encourage non-members to join PCS to fight the government's latest attacks.

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