Send a payday protest letter to DWP

PCS members in DWP are sending a payday protest letter today about the imposition of a 1% pay award.

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Packed public meeting: why we must kill trade union bill

30 July 2015

There has never been a more important time to mobilise, was the consensus of a public meeting organised to call for trade union unity against Tory attacks on their civil liberties.

All out strike announced by National Gallery staff

29 July 2015

PCS members in the National Gallery are stepping up their dispute over privatisation with further strike action from mid-August.

FDA poaching PCS members

29 July 2015

The FDA is desperately trying to attract PCS members at higher executive officer and senior executive officer grades.

Young PCS members: get more involved in your union

29 July 2015

Are you a young PCS member who wants to get more involved with the union? Then apply to attend our national young members' forum.

Members vote to accept big Maximus pay offer

27 July 2015

There will be pay rises of at least 15% for the majority of PCS members working for multinational Maxmimus.

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