Baxendale report: PCS calls on ministers to tackle bullying

PCS calls on ministers to tackle bullying as the Baxendale report warns that the senior civil service is like a 'snake pit' with a 'macho culture'.

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12 October 2015

Help oppose George Osborne's plans to cut tax credits, which currently boost the wages of low-paid workers, with some families set to lose £1,300.

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12 October 2015

PCS has denounced the violence against peaceful demonstrators in Ankara, Turkey on Saturday, who endeavoured to stand up for democracy, dialogue and peace.

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We are urging all PCS members to vote yes to renew our political fund in a ballot running from 19 October-10 November.

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Lowest paid pay biggest price under Tories

8 October 2015

The lowest paid workers are bearing the brunt of government cuts to jobs and tax credits.

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