PCS public meeting - fight for our future, say no to austerity

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has been confirmed as a speaker at a PCS public meeting about building a campaign to fight austerity in Brighton on 13 September.

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4 September 2015

The PCS delegation heads to TUC Congress in Brighton next week with a message that we must unite like never before to defeat this government and its mass programme of cuts.

Thousands join DWP pay protest

4 September 2015

More than 2,000 PCS members in the DWP have written to their MP asking them to back our campaign to break the 1% pay cap.

PCS condemns privatisation of Met Police shared services

3 September 2015

London's deputy mayor has signed a contract worth £220 million to run the Metropolitan Police Service’s shared services.

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PCS is backing a major rally and march as Tory party conference meets in Manchester on 4 October. Here are 9 reasons to join in

Mark Serwotka: Cameron's response to refugee crisis 'wilfully pathetic'

3 September 2015

PCS has called on the government to use all necessary public and civil society services to provide shelter, food, clothing and support to refugees.

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