Sign PCS petition against London court closures

PCS has launched a petition to oppose plans to close 2 more London magistrates' courts which reduce their number in the capital by 20%.

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Labour fringe highlights need to fight justice cuts

27 September 2016

Cuts across the justice sector that have left large parts of the country without access to justice, no publicly-funded legal representation, and prison and probation services at crisis point were highlighted by speakers at a Labour party conference fringe meeting.

Cabinet Office makes 'offer' of big cuts to civil service redundancy pay

26 September 2016

Without any prior notice the Cabinet Office has today written to the civil service unions confirming its 'offer' on a revised Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

Welcome plans from shadow chancellor to double HMRC investigations

26 September 2016

We have welcomed today's commitment from shadow chancellor John McDonnell to double the number of staff investigating tax abuse by the wealthy.

Labour movement must unite behind Corbyn to take on Tories

24 September 2016

The labour movement must come together now Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as Labour leader with an increased share of the vote.

8 October: PCS supports Stand Up To Racism conference

23 September 2016

PCS is supporting campaign group Stand Up to Racism's national conference on 8 October, which will discuss the way forward for challenging racism and hate crime.

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