Join the CND demo against Trident renewal

15 February 2016

PCS is supporting a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament national march and demonstration against the UK's nuclear weapons system Trident on 27 February.

PCS national policy opposes Trident renewal because it is a costly and unnecessary programme that does nothing to improve our national security. It should be scrapped, with the money saved to be reinvested in our public services and infrastructure, generating thousands of jobs in the process. Those people currently employed to work on Trident should be given re-training and re-employment as part of this process.

CND is calling the demo, which starts at noon at Marble Arch in London, with a march to Trafalgar Square with speakers, including PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka, to protest against nuclear weapons that can kill millions. They don't keep us safe and they divert resources from essential spending.

The government is planning to buy a new system at a cost of more than £100 billion. Parliament will be voting on whether to renew Trident this year so CND's message is: "Let's get the message out loud and clear: we don't want Trident and we don't want a new Trident."

Get involved

PCS regional and national offices are organising transport for the event, so contact your local regional office if you are interested in attending.

Find out more on the CND website.

Sign up on Facebook and invite your friends.


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