BBC One and Radio 4 ask if '68 is too late'

9 July 2012

Apprentice stars Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford present two BBC One TV documentaries this week that send pensioners in Preston back into full-time work to see if they can cope.

‘The town that never retired’ is shown from 9pm to 10pm on Wednesday 11 July and Thursday 12 July.

You can be on Radio Four

The BBC Radio 4 consumer programme, ‘You and yours’, is staging a phone-in on working after the age of 65 on Tuesday 10 July from noon to 12.45pm.

To take part call 03700 100400 before 10am on Tuesday, 03700 100444 after ten, or email via - leave a message with your name and number where you can be called back.

PCS has joined with 14 other national trade unions and other organisations to run the '68 is too late' campaign against increases to the state pension age.

'You and yours' website

'The town that never retired' website

Please sign the '68 is too late' petition - once we have your email and post code we'll be able to ask you to take part in specific actions

Please email prime minister David Cameron to tell him 68 is too late to retire

There is an alternative - economic arguments against the cuts

Fight for fair pensions - join PCS

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