Northern Ireland

PCS office in Belfast – 40 Wellington Park BT9 6DP 

PCS has an office on the top floor of one of the NIPSA buildings in Wellington Park which can be used by branches for small meetings and video conferencing and can accommodate about 3 people comfortably.

Formal booking arrangements

Principally for health, safety and security reasons these facilities need to be pre-booked.

If you want to check availability or book the room contact Fiona Low

Booking confirmation and instructions will be emailed by return.  

Gayle Matthews is the industrial officer for Scotland and Northern Ireland and Regional secretary for Northern Ireland based in Belfast, 40 Wellington Park BT9 6DP

  • Telephone: 0141 225 5150

Get ready for direct debit

DD Landing Page

We are asking all members to do something very simple but very important – get ready to switch payment of your subs to direct debit.

It only takes a few minutes but means if your employer imposes any changes to how your subs are collected, you will remain protected by your union's membership.

We won’t take money from your account unless your employer stops deducting your union subscriptions, or we decide to end check-off, so there’s no danger of you paying twice.

Registering is easy


Get DD ready button


Any problems call one of our dedicated team on 0800 317 464 (free) or 020 7801 2670/2680 from 7am to 7pm (Monday-Friday), or use the Live Chat on this page.

Why the change?

The Cabinet Office has written to each government department, stating that check-off the decades-old practice of collecting your monthly union subs directly from your salary is “undesirable” and asking each department to review it.

We are fighting so you can pay your subs your way, but it is essential we have a plan in case check-off ends.     

Fighting fund

PCS has launched a fighting fund to support members taking targeted industrial action, as agreed by annual delegate conference.

For more information on the fighting fund, how to make a voluntary donation and the strategy, visit the fighting fund.

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