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PCS in the North WestThe PCS north west regional centre covers nearly 40,000 PCS members living and working in the north west; spread over 80 local branches and 10 national branches.

Here on the North West pages you'll find information on:

Office and facilities

  • PCS, 3rd Floor, Jack Jones House, 1 Islington, Liverpool L3 8EG.
  • tel: 0151 298 3900
  • fax: 0151 298 9636
  • nwrc@pcs.org.uk

The regional office has meeting and conference facilities available to members and allied organisations.

  • The Robert Tressell Room is equipped with video conference facilities and can comfortably accommodate 60 people (theatre style)
  • The Lillian Urmston Room has telephone conference facilities and is suitable for meetings of up to 14 people (boardroom style).

Advanced booking is essential by email at NWRC@pcs.org.uk or by telephone on 0151 298 3900. All facilities are accessible. A cafeteria is open on the ground floor of the building between 9.30 am and 2.30 pm.

PCS NW regional office staffing and functions

All of the administration for HM Revenue and Customs group and the Culture sector has now moved to the north west.  The admin team is managed by Marie Morgan, along with Laura Lloyd; both reporting to Paula Wood who is the NW regional secretary.

Two HMRC group full time officials (FTOs) are part of the NW staffing team:

The HMRC FTOs are managed by national officer, Dave Cliff who is also based in the regional office.  The remaining FTOs on the HMRC and Culture teams are based at PCS offices around the UK.

Also based in the office, but not formally part of the north west team, are the following colleagues:

Direct Debit - Have YOU signed-up yet?

Some of the largest government departments have already ended the payment of PCS subscriptions through payroll. Others are planning to do so imminently.

In recent months PCS has had great success in moving members to the direct debit method of monthly subscription payment. However there are still members who are yet to make the switch to direct debit - a switch which is essential if you are to ensure you remain a member of your trade union, with all of the protection and benefits that this brings.

It is easy to sign-up to direct debit online. More information can be found on our dedicated pages 

Performance management – A view from the top

Many PCS representatives will be engaged in grievances or appeals on behalf of members falling foul of the civil service performance management arrangements. As part of the failing civil service reform plan, line managers are being put under pressure to award 15% of their staff a “must improve” marking.

This subjective and quite arbitrary target is a manifestation of “relative assessment” or “guided distribution” techniques which are becoming increasingly discredited in the private sector.

In a response to widespread criticism of the new regime, Head of the Civil Service, Sir Bob Kerslake used a recent Blog to persuade staff of its virtues. It included a few points which might prove useful to bring up in meetings seeking to challenge awards including:

  • “When it comes to distribution ratings, no individual’s performance rating should simply change to meet the guided distribution total and if there is any evidence of this, colleagues should raise this within their department
  • “A really important point is that these ratings are guided and not forced”
  • “It is the responsibility of all line managers to deliver the final rating at year end and there is a requirement to explain differentiation of performance”
  • “A Must Improve, performance rating is designed to identify those members of staff whose performance needs to improve and to provide the tools that enable this to happen. It’s certainly not just about dismissal”

While it is natural to be sceptical about the value of these views at the sharp end, it will be an interesting exercise to gauge to what extent local managers are prepared to act contrary to the principles of the senior civil servant responsible for the whole reform project.

For managers themselves, Sir Bob's comments should reinforce the ability to apply a professional discretion throughout the process. On this point, the comments section at the foot of the blog make interesting reading.

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It is now easier and more important than ever to join the biggest union for those working in the civil service, non-departmental public bodies and in the commercial sector on government contracts. If you have your bank details and national insurance numbers to hand you can Join PCS online in a few minutes.The contact details of your local PCS representatives are available on request from this office.

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