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"Half of UK carbon emissions are produced by work activity. Workplaces burn energy, consume resources and generate waste and travel." Greening the Workplace, TUC Workplace Manual 2012

On these pages you'll find news, tips and useful information, campaigns and PCS policy on green issues such as climate change, energy, waste and recycling.

We believe that green or sustainable workplaces should also take on board wider issues such as ethical investment, fair trade and workers' rights.

Find out about green events in your area.

Climate change is a trade union issue

Chris BaughHear PCS Assistant General Secretary Chris Baugh explain why climate change is a trade union issue: Radio Labor Interview Duration 10' 46".





PCS Green Forum 5-6 November 2016, Birmingham

Where are we in the transition to a zero carbon economy post Paris and Brexit?

Interested in becoming active in green issues or is already involved in green campaigning or bargaining?

Apply to attend the annual PCS Green Forum scheduled to take place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November at the Novotel Hotel in Birmingham. 

The forum will look at where we are on environment and climate change as we approach the first anniversary of the global Paris Climate Agreement, and following the vote to leave the EU. What does it mean for the trade union and the wider climate movement, and workplace green reps?

Through a mix of plenary and workshop sessions, the forum will discuss these issues within the context of the many campaigns PCS supports: from anti-fracking to fossil fuel divestment, the role of the public sector in a transition to a zero carbon economy, one million climate jobs, energy democracy and defence diversification for socially useful production.

For further details, please see branch briefing BB/52/16. Application forms to be returned by 5pm, Friday, 30 September.  For submission of forms or any queries please contact or call Sam Mason on 020 7801 2623.


40th Anniversary of the Lucas Plan - 26 November, Birmingham

Come and participate in a one day conference sponsored by PCS, Breaking the Frame, Red Pepper, Campaign against the Arms Trade and others.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Lucas Plan, the pioneering effort by workers at the arms company Lucas Aerospace to fight job losses by proposing alternative, socially useful applications of the company's technology and their own skills.

Hear first-hand from former Lucas Aerospace shop stewards on the successes and challenges in developing the Lucas Plan.

Discuss how we can learn the lessons to tackle the threats faced today from climate change and destruction of jobs by automation.

Take part in workshops from local community plans, to climate jobs and industrial conversion and more.

Visit the Lucasplan website to find out more; email to be kept informed about the conference; email to find out to get involved if a PCS member.




Find out more about PCS's green work & sign up to the green e-news

PCS is part of a growing movement demanding economic, social and environmental justice for workers and communities to a unionised low carbon economy. 

The People's Demands is one way to get involved on climate issues but there are many others: at the workplace becoming a green rep, raising through trades councils and anti-cuts groups, attending meetings and joining local campaigns.

To find out more about PCS's Green work and to sign-up to the PCS green e-news bulletin email


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