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"My rep gave me the union form and I joined from there. When I saw the conference motions booklet I naively thought that employers just agree to all our demands, not realising that we'd need to negotiate with them! That's what prompted me to get involved and turn our aspirations into reality." Janice Godrich, PCS President

PCS is a member led organisation. Our strength comes from bringing together members across a wide range of different jobs and workplaces.

With a strong membership the union gains credibility and this strengthens your voice in the workplace.

So we want to find new ways of introducing members - you - to union activity and to give you the support you need to become more active.

So how do I get started?

Becoming a workplace rep isn't the only way of getting more active. There are lots of ways you can become an active member - it really depends on what you are interested in and what you would like to try. 

See What can you do to help our union? for some really easy things you can do.

Also take a look at our activists' magazine, Activate. It has loads of news and information as well as being a helpful resource to help with organising, campaigning and representing members.  For the latest news see the Activate pages.

National organising strategy 2015

Download our National Organising Strategy 2015.


What's new?

Become a trainee organiser

As part of the 10-year celebrations for the Organising Academy, the TUC is running development sessions in centres around the UK to find tomorrow’s trade union organisers.

These free sessions provide accredited learning and are the first stage of selection for a 12-month sponsorship with a TUC affiliate as a trainee organiser on real trade union campaigns.

For dates and an application pack see the TUC organising academy pages.


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