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HMRC confirm more than 150 redundancies

2 Feb 2016

Chief Executive authorises 152 compulsory redundancies; Redundancy notices issued at the same time as major recruitment; Fight for your job: help build your union
Compulsory Redundancy Threat

28 Jan 2016

‘Period of Reflection’ for redundancies ended by official side; compulsory redundancy notices now threatened; Chief Executive refuses further meeting with PCS
Branch Details: Urgent Update Required

19 Jan 2016

Branches required to urgently arrange to update branch records
Pay and Conditions of ISS Cleaning Staff

19 Jan 2016

PCS campaigns for fair pay for cleaning staff working for ISS within HMRC
HMRC Members Face Redundancy Threat

7 Jan 2016

Management ‘ask’ 178 staff to “acquiesce” to redundancy
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