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Devolution of Taxes Update

20 Jan 2017

Progress report on PCS work on impact of devolved taxation
EAC News

19 Jan 2017

Information for members
Further HMRC Redundancies Announced

18 Jan 2017

125 HMRC staff in 6 offices told they are being invited to apply for Voluntary Redundancy. 90 day Meaningful Consultation with the unions begins. A further round of Voluntary Redundancies planned for April.
Conference Briefing No.2 - GEC Elections 2017

16 Jan 2017

Essential information for branches and candidates regarding election regulations, nomination and acceptance forms for group elections 2017
Conference Briefing No. 3 - Motions to Group Conference

16 Jan 2017

As in previous years, branches in the Revenue and Customs Group will have a choice between two methods of submitting motions (and ‘references back’) to the group standing orders committee. Branches should submit their motions using one method only.
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