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Specialist Investigations & Criminal Investigations Merger

29 May 2015

*Branch SI Leads and CJ Branch Officers to participate in Dial in 2 June *SI Leads and CJ Branch Delegation to participate in meeting at PCS HQ, London on 30 June *Branches to consider “Statements of Principle” for discussion at that meeting
Group conference report

29 May 2015

A total of 152 delegates from 65 Revenue and Customs Branches attended our annual Group Conference in Brighton. This Briefing provides a report of the outcomes.
Movement to Work programme within HMRC

28 May 2015

This briefing explains the work being undertaken by the Group Executive Committee to address the concerns expressed by Branches regarding the involvement of HMRC in Movement to Work (MtW)
Flexible resourcing within HMRC

28 May 2015

Talks to take place on the proposals for Flexible Resourcing & coping with peaks of work across HMRC: Branches are requested to urgently provide information on concerns
Flexible Resourcing in Benefits and Credits

26 May 2015

Department announce temporary redeployment of over 500 staff without consulting union
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