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Concentrix Transfer Talks Open

26 Oct 2016

Concentrix Update
Concentrix Victory

20 Oct 2016

Error and Fraud contract work to be fully returned to HMRC Concentrix staff to be offered transfer into department with the work Belfast jobs saved
Concentrix Update

6 Oct 2016

Concern for members in PT Ops and Benefits & Credits
Field Force - Home Based but Mobile Working

6 Oct 2016

Field Force to offer on a voluntary basis home based but mobile working to collectors outside of reasonable daily travel.
Attendance Management Policy

5 Oct 2016

PCS notify HMRC that they disagree the new Attendance Management Policy introduced last week. Dialogue with HMRC to continue. Attendance Management Working Group established to coordinate PCS activity. HMRC will be pressed on their commitment to provide all staff with a healthy working environment.
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