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Concentrix Tax Credits Contract

23 Sep 2016

Existing HMRC Benefits and Credits staff facing massive workload increase. Union puts case to Chief Executive for work and staff to be brought in-house
R&C/BB/079/16 Flexible Resource Telephony Sites

22 Sep 2016

Information for Branches - Action Required
Industrial Relations in Benfits and Credits

21 Sep 2016

HMRC Organisational Design Changes Announced

7 Sep 2016

Department announces big changes to governance structure aimed at HMRC becoming “an organisation truly focused on customers” and invites members involvement for three month period.
Compulsory Redundancies in HMRC

6 Sep 2016

PCS responds to HMRC criticism of protest action organised by the Disabled Members Advisory Committee on 16 August. The union stands by its claim about the high proportion of disabled staff made redundant. It is based on data supplied to PCS by HMRC.
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