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HMRC in the dock again

9 Dec 2016

Department slated by two Commons Committees. Work and Pensions Committee slams Concentrix fiasco. Public Accounts Committee says HMRC ‘lacks an adequate plan’ for digitalisation.
Performance Management Guided Distribution Scrapped - Next Year

7 Dec 2016

Employer announces first step towards a new performance management system.
Benefits and Credits Update

1 Dec 2016

Additional Belfast jobs and Legacy-Concentrix news. Up to 140 new posts in Belfast, in addition to 250 Concentrix transfers. Members' meeting planned for 5 December.
HMRC Announce Further Voluntary Redundancy Exercises

30 Nov 2016

Department announce two further voluntary redundancy exercises affecting members in 13 offices.
R&C/BB/102/16 - Pacesetter

24 Nov 2016

Update for Members Action for Branches Related documents available from Branch Secretary
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