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PCS Scotland is a national region within the union with five full time officers, one temporary project worker, five organising officers and an operations manager/education officer.

We have a high learning, organising and campaigning profile in Scotland and provide bargaining support mostly to areas that fall within the remit of Scottish ministers.

We are affiliated to the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), and play an active role in labour movement campaigns throughout Scotland.

Details of our facilities and the work of our team can be found on these pages. 

PCS hits back at finance secretary’s "inconsistencies"

PCS has hit back at Derek MacKay's response to public concerns over HMRC office closures.

On 16 January the Cabinet Secretary took questions submitted by Twitter users at the Scottish Parliament's Finance and Constitution Committee regarding the Scottish Budget and new tax powers.

A number of the questions sent in asked about HMRC office closures.

HMRC will deliver the new Scottish rate of income tax from April. However, the transfer of taxation powers comes as HMRC plan to close all offices in Scotland, relocating some staff and services to two regional centres based in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

PCS has expressed concern over the plans, with a possible 3000 jobs being lost according to HMRC figures.

The loss of skill and expertise will impact on the knowledge base required for Scotland to have a successful and properly functioning tax system in the long term.

However, Derek MacKay responded that although there had been 'great opposition', the closures would have no impact on tax collection and delivery in Scotland. A service level agreement will be signed by both parties, allowing for the delivery of Scottish Rate of Income Tax.

PCS national officer Lynn Henderson said "Derek MacKay's comments yesterday are inconsistent. On one hand, he accepts HMRC's position that the closure of these offices has little impact on tax delivery, a statement which contradicts our own findings.

"On the other, he states there has been 'great opposition' to HMRC's plans.

"Our members deserve clarity: does the Scottish government oppose the closure of HMRC offices in Scotland and are they prepared to challenge HMRC on the issue?"

PCS Scotland Equality Network Event

PCS is organising a series of equality events in each region/nation. these events are offering members who identify as women, disabled, black, LGBT the chance to get together to discuss issues and share ideas about how we can best take equality matters forward in Scotland. We are also keen to build our equality networks for the future.

We have invited a range of speakers which will lead into a panel discussion on what equality means for members and how we can develop our equality agenda across the union.

This is an open, inclusive and informal event. We are asking branches to give this as wide as circulation as possible and encourage members to come along.

Our event will take place on Wednesday 26th October from 1pm to 4.30pm at the STUC Centre, in Glasgow. A buffet lunch will be provided. For more info, please check out the event listing or contact Scotland@pcs.org.uk or give us a call on 0141 225 5150

A branch briefing will also be circulated on 6th October 2016.

Cabinet Office to slash compensation scheme by at least 20%

Ask your MP to oppose Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS) cuts. Find out more about our campaign. 

Fair Pay Scotland campaign

As PCS members open their pay slips this month they will see that they are worse off as a consequence of the 1.4% rise in National Insurance contributions. PCS made the case to Scottish Ministers that they could mitigate against this in their 2016/17 pay remit guidance but they chose not to. Branches across the Scottish sector will therefore be distributing leaflets to members highlighting this fact as part of our ongoing Fair Pay Scotland campaign.
In the last week of the Scottish elections we are asking members to challenge their prospective candidates on our PCS pledge:

  • If elected, I will campaign to end the public sector pay cap as it is unfair, unnecessary and damaging to the economy.

In the meantime we are looking for members to become engaged in the campaign over the next few months by revisiting old pay slips and comparing them with your current one.  Let us know how much worse off you are by sharing your anonymised pay slip with your local rep.

  Fair Pay Scotland A5 leaflet.pdf


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