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PCS Scotland is a national region within the union with five full time officers, one temporary project worker, five organising officers and an operations manager/education officer operating from two offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  

We have a high learning, organising and campaigning profile in Scotland and provide bargaining support mostly to areas that fall within the remit of Scottish ministers.

We are affiliated to the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), and play an active role in labour movement campaigns throughout Scotland.

Details of our facilities and the work of our team can be found on these pages. 

Fair Pay Scotland campaign

As PCS members open their pay slips this month they will see that they are worse off as a consequence of the 1.4% rise in National Insurance contributions. PCS made the case to Scottish Ministers that they could mitigate against this in their 2016/17 pay remit guidance but they chose not to. Branches across the Scottish sector will therefore be distributing leaflets to members highlighting this fact as part of our ongoing Fair Pay Scotland campaign.
In the last week of the Scottish elections we are asking members to challenge their prospective candidates on our PCS pledge:

  • If elected, I will campaign to end the public sector pay cap as it is unfair, unnecessary and damaging to the economy.

In the meantime we are looking for members to become engaged in the campaign over the next few months by revisiting old pay slips and comparing them with your current one.  Let us know how much worse off you are by sharing your anonymised pay slip with your local rep.

  Fair Pay Scotland A5 leaflet.pdf

Crucial time for Trade Union Bill

Last week the government was forced to back-track on its plans to force all public sector employers to abandon check-off. This was one of several substantial wins on the Trade Union Bill in the House of Lords recently and shows that the campaign against the Bill is taking effect. In March, the government was defeated in three key areas: e-balloting, political funds and facility time. Its concession on check-off was likely given to avoid another embarrassing defeat.

However, despite progress, now is a crucial time to keep the pressure up. The Bill is due for third reading in the House of Lords on Monday and then it will go to the House of Commons for MPs to decide whether to keep the Lords' amendments. While the Bill overall is still an unjustified assault on trade unions and their members' rights, the changes made in the House of Lords go some way to lessen some of the worst parts of the Bill.

Email your MP to ask them not to overrule Lords' amendments to the Trade Union Bill.

PCS at the 119th STUC Congress

PCS made a number of high profile interventions at this year's STUC congress. Read the full summary.

Make Your Vote Count in the Scottish Parliament Elections 2016

Challenge your local candidates to support our five election pledges. Find out who is standing in your area, and who has responded to our pledges.

Scottish Parliament Pay Offer

Following strong representation from PCS (who chaired the negotiations) and the other unions, in which we emphasised the professionalism, hard work and dedication of staff right across the parliament, not only throughout this session, but during the referendum, and in an extremely difficult period of austerity, Scottish Parliament’s management team made a pay offer for 2016 to 2018 which delivers more than the current Scottish Public Sector Pay Policy.

In summary, the offer, agreed this week payable from from 1 April, would be for two years (to March 2018) and is as follows:

  • 2% for all staff on the maximum of their pay scale in each of the two years (78% of staff are on the maximum in 2016 and this will rise to 85% in 2017)
  • 1% plus full progression for staff not at the maxima (this equates to a rise of between 4.5 – 10% depending on grade)
  • For staff on all pay points below £22k a pay increase of £400 per annum (this equates to an increase of above 2%)
  • From 2017, an additional public holiday in September (a long standing demand in SPCB)
  • The re-introduction of the Healthy Living Scheme – the exact details of the scheme will be the subject of joint working between the TUS and management but will be broadly based on the previous scheme
  • A commitment to review progression journey times further - currently, journey times range from 2 to 5 years and we have achieved reductions in each of the last two pay rounds
  • The no compulsory redundancy guarantee will be extended to March 2018.

PCS members at the Scottish Parliament branch voted overwhelmingly to accept the offer, but they were clear that they still oppose the Scottish Government's current pay restraint policy. Further, the current attacks on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, demonstrate clearly that the Scottish Parliament branch will continue to be fully involved in PCS national campaigns in opposition to the ongoing attacks on public sector employees.

PCS Scotland Education Programme: April-June 2016

The PCS Scotland education programme for the second term of 2016 is now available online.    

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