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Government to try again to sell off Land Registry

The government has announced it is to 'consult on options to move operations of the Land Registry to the private sector from 2017' just over a year since a high-profile PCS campaign saw off attempts to sell it off.

Junior doctors 'inspirational' fight for NHS

We have offered our full support to junior doctors ahead of their planned walkouts over patient safety fears.

DVSA staff survey shows agency "full of zombies"

A senior manager in the DVSA has sent an extraordinary email to staff in the chief executive's office commenting on the agency's dismal staff survey results as showing the rest of the agency is "full of zombies and the world is on fire."

Selling off National Air Traffic Service threat to security

PCS has grave concerns over the security of our skies as the chancellor, in the spending review, resurrected plans to sell off the government's share in the National Air Traffic Service.

Autumn statement: campaigners fear for poorest

Economists, charities and campaigners have been highly critical of the chancellor's spending plans which 'ration decency' and hit the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

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