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PCS answers claims MOD scrapping performance management is exaggeration

Allegations have been made that PCS has exaggerated our assertion that the Ministry of Defence is scrapping the current hated performance management review system.

Letters detailing outrageous plans to slash redundancy pay published

Details of outrageous plans to slash civil service redundancy pay by more than 25% are shown in correspondence between Cabinet Office and civil service trade unions published today by PCS.

More HMRC cuts will 'chill the blood', MPs say

We have called for a halt to further cuts in HMRC as MPs warn they will "chill the blood of taxpayers" after years of failure.

Petition urges HMRC to suspend office closures

A new PCS petition urges HMRC to suspend its office closure programme, at least until we can assess the department's expected additional workload, following the decision to leave the European Union.

Stop the cuts to jobs and redundancy terms

The government has announced it is pressing ahead with plans to slash civil service redundancy terms by at least 25%, and for many people by considerably more.

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