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PCS praises inspiring Focus E15 Mothers campaign

A campaign set up by 29 homeless single mothers, about to be moved 200 miles away, is an inspiration to PCS and the union movement.

More cuts and blinkered politics from Tories

Chancellor George Osborne used his Tory party conference speech today to outline plans for more damaging spending cuts.

Mark Serwotka: let's unite for positive change

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka told a rally outside Tory party conference that a positive change is possible in our communities if we unite and fight the cuts.

Cynical timing for passport move

The Home Office will take back control of the Passport Office after this summer's crisis exposed serious understaffing.

Boycott the 2014 People Survey

We are calling on all PCS members not to participate in the 2014 civil service People Survey.

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