Northern region

PCS has approximately 16,500 members working in our region, covering Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham, the Tees Valley and Cumbria.

Members are employed in a range of government departments including:

PCS plays a full part in the northern TUC and is represented at all levels of its regional structure. We have a team of four delegates to the biennial conference, and three serving members of the executive committee.


Save DWP Vinovium House - No more cuts in Bishop Aukland

Join us to demonstrate against this closure.

Helping branches with AGMs – Getting PCS better organised

You should by now have made arrangements for your branch Annual General Meeting (AGM). Your AGM is an important meeting. The Newcastle PCS Regional Office can help if you need it.

We want to use Branch AGMs to work with you to help with promoting the union, getting PCS better organised and discussing how we can recruit non-members to join PCS.

1. We can help you with advice if you are new to organising an AGM.

2. We can help promote the union with leaflets, posters, promotional materials and information about membership benefits.

3. We can help gather members contact details.

4. We can work with you to plan recruitment of non-members and Advocates.

5. We can help arrange guest speakers.

If you want help with any of these please contact

You may also get advice about arranging your AGM here.

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