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PCS Scotland is a national region within the union with five full time officers, one temporary project worker, five organising officers and an operations manager/education officer.

We have a high learning, organising and campaigning profile in Scotland and provide bargaining support mostly to areas that fall within the remit of Scottish ministers.

We are affiliated to the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), and play an active role in labour movement campaigns throughout Scotland.

Details of our facilities and the work of our team can be found on these pages.

Scottish Government Group Elections Are Now Open

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Fair Pay Scotland campaign

As PCS members open their pay slips this month they will see that they are worse off as a consequence of the 1.4% rise in National Insurance contributions. PCS made the case to Scottish Ministers that they could mitigate against this in their 2016/17 pay remit guidance but they chose not to. Branches across the Scottish sector will therefore be distributing leaflets to members highlighting this fact as part of our ongoing Fair Pay Scotland campaign.

We are looking for members to become engaged in the campaign over the next few months by revisiting old pay slips and comparing them with your current one.  Let us know how much worse off you are by sharing your anonymised pay slip with your local rep.

Fair Pay Scotland A5 leaflet.pdf

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