PCS Wales Committee

The PCS Wales committee is the senior elected body of the union in Wales. It is elected annually at an AGM, to which each PCS branch in Wales is entitled to send one voting delegate. It meets four times a year.

Minutes of Wales committee meetings can be found here.

For further information, please contact Rachel Williams on 029 20666363 or email: rachelw@pcs.org.uk

PCS Wales committee members 2016/17

  • Chair: Katrine Williams - DWP
  • Vice chair: Dave Bartlett - MoJ
  • Vice chair: Jimmy Gill - DWP
  • Vice chair: Marianne Owens - HMRC
  • Secretary: Shavanah Taj - PCS Wales secretary 
  • Assistant secretary: Rachel Williams
  • NEC liaison officer for Wales: John Jamieson

Committee members:

  • Katie Antippas - Welsh Government
  • Jan Berry - HMRC
  • Matthew Cunningham - DWP
  • Peter Hill - National Museum Wales
  • Hannah Lawson - National Museum Wales
  • Howie Oliver - Welsh Government
  • Caroline Richards - HMRC
  • Mark Robinson - DSg Defence Support Group
  • Jonathan Spink - Atradius
  • Ian Thomas - National Assembly for Wales
  • Carrie Ann Watkins - DWP
  • Dave Warren - DfT DVLA


  • Kate Edwards - Wales Committee Young Members Liaison
  • Louisa St Bartholomew-BrownMorgan - ARMS 

PCS Wales sub-committees: fora and networks

There are several fora and networks that represent particular groups of PCS members, or particular areas of activity, which function as sub-committees of our Wales committee but which also involve other reps who are not members of the Wales committee. These bodies are listed below, with the names of the liaison officers who report back to the Wales committee:

  • Disabled Members -  Jan Berry
  • Young Members -      Ian Thomas & Kate Edwards
  • BME -
  • LGBT -                       Mark Robinson
  • Women Organising in Wales (WOW) -  Hannah Lawson & Marianne Owens
  • Health & Safety -      Caroline Richards & Jonathan Spink
  • Green -                     Hannah Lawson & Jonathan Spink                   
  • Education -               Dave Bartlett & Ian Thomas

NEC devolved areas sub-committee

This is a sub-committee of the PCS national executive committee (NEC), which includes NEC members, other senior lay reps and full-time officials from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It facilitates discussion, co-ordination and sharing of experience and best practice between these three devolved parts of the UK. It meets three times a year.

The members who have a role in relation to Wales are as follows:

  • John Jamieson - NEC liaison officer for Wales
  • Katrine Williams - PCS Wales committee chair
  • Jimmy Gill - PCS Wales committee vice-chair
  • Shavanah Taj - PCS Wales secretary


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