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ARMs Public Transport Campaign Update

As Britain moves towards the major International Conference on Climate in December, government itself has started to consider how public transport can play its part in reducing carbon emissions. ARMs agreed to launch a campaign on public transport in 2019 initially around two things: a survey of ARMs members about their priorities and to ask how much they were already involved in local campaigns.

A further, more in depth, transport survey has just been completed this time involving the PCS Transport group as well as ARMs members. While some members say they experience a good service many do not.

Read more details about the campaign and a summary of the results.

Read our constitution.

Make your voice heard

The association will ensure the voice of retired members is heard throughout the union and in the wider political arena and pensioner movement.

There are a range of membership services which PCS provides for associate and retired members. These include:

  • Legal assistance and advice
  • Professional advice service
  • Financial services
  • Helplines for legal, medical, debt, domestic violence and breast cancer advice
  • Holiday and travel club
  • Shopping discounts
  • Free will service
  • Copies of the ARMs newsletter
  • Assistance through the PCS benevolent fund

Transferring to ARMs membership is easy

Any PCS member who leaves employment due to retirement, redundancy or resignation, can transfer to ARMs. Transferring membership to ARMs is easy. If you already pay your subscriptions by Direct Debit you do not need to fill in another Direct Debit form.

Phone the PCS membership department on 0800 317464 before leaving work or transferring to a non PCS role to ask for your membership to be changed to ARMs membership. You can also request to transfer to ARMs by sending an email to membership@pcs.org.uk.

Give your name and PCS membership number or national insurance number, the date you are leaving employment and ask to transfer to ARMs. If you don’t already pay your union subs by Direct Debit, you will need to give current bank details.

Subscription for ARMs members is £2.09 per month. For this members will have access to the majority of the benefits to which they are entitled as a working member of PCS. Members do not receive any in work benefits or death in service benefits.

ARMs Annual Forum 2021 - Wednesday 9 June 2021 - 10am - 3pm

Please download and read the Agenda and Motions Book and a copy of the ARMs Annual Report:

Agenda and Motions Book

ARMs Annual Report 2020



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