To contact any committee member or rep with unlisted contact information please email the national officer via

National Committee contacts

Phil Green (Chair)
Eddie Spence (Vice Chair/Editor)
Brian Herbertson (Secretary)
Barry Fuge (Assistant Secretary/Organiser)
Sandra Durkin (Treasurer)
Ann Bryant (Committee Member)
Margaret Galloway (Committee Member)
Brian Gibson (Committee Member)
Jacqueline Hadfield (Committee Member)
Jim Park (Committee Member)
Kevin Thomas (Committee Member)

Regional Secretary Contacts

Eastern - Vince Fitzgibbon

London - Peter Wood

Midlands - Sandra Durkin

North East - Linda Ruddick

North West - Phil Green

Northern Ireland - Francis Hughes  

Scotland - Jim Park

South East - Kevin Thomas

South West - David Wotton

Wales - Louisa St Bartholomew-Brown Morgan

Yorkshire & Humberside - Mick Shannon

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