How PCS works

These pages provide a brief guide to how PCS is organised including its structures, organisation and committees.

Every member is represented within the PCS structures. If you are unsure who your local representatives are, you can contact your PCS Regional Office or PCS Head Office, who will put you in touch with them.

You should receive regular communications from your local representatives and/or your branch. These will be distributed to you by hand, by email and/or posted on a union notice board. There may also be a union office in your building.

Remember that you are the union. If the union is to maintain its strong, representative voice - and reap the benefits of your collective strength - it is important that your colleagues are also PCS members.

So it's the responsibility of all members to ask - and encourage - their colleagues to join the union and vote in elections. Elections help to direct the work of the union so that it is truly representative of our membership.

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