PCS groups, associations and forums

Larger departments and agencies have their own bargaining 'groups' within PCS, which negotiate your pay and terms and conditions with management.

These groups are made up of branches that represent members who work for same the employer - for example all branches representing members in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will form the DWP Group.

Each group has its own group executive committee (GEC) elected by members within the group.

Each group normally holds an annual conference to debate and discuss issues relating to pay, organisation, terms & conditions of service and changes to working practices, so they are properly representing the membership in negotiations.

Group regional committees

Some of our larger groups have a structure of regional committees. The committee negotiates with regional management on regional issues and reports back to both local branches and the group executive committee. The regional committee is often called 'regional Whitley'.

Occupational associations

Where there are groups of members who work for different employers, but are in similar sectors and have common interests, they are organised into an 'occupational association'.

This provides a forum for exchange of information on what the trends in the areas are, and how to get the best out of campaigns and negotiations for their members. These forums and associations are:

Public sector group

The Public Sector group (PSG) brings together groups of PCS members who are employed in smaller areas of the Civil Service. The group organises in public bodies, regulatory bodies and research councils.

Call centres forum

This forum addresses the issues of PCS members who work in call centres.

Atypical workers forum

This forum is for those working unusual patterns.

Support and related grades association

This association covers a wide range of jobs as diverse as traffic wardens, security grades, telephonists, drivers, cleaners, catering assistants and support managers.

The professional and managers association

This association addresses the specific interests of professionals and managers within PCS.

Commercial sector association

The commercial sector forum brings together members working for private industry. Meetings help keep representatives up-to-date on pay movements, employment law, European Directives among other issues and provides a chance to exchange experiences and ideas on how best to progress PCS policy.

Culture, media and sport

This brings together all PCS workplaces in this area to campaign and negotiate on members' issues.

Equalities forums

Here groups of members who are traditionally under-represented are brought together to work on key issues that affect them. These are addressed on a collective basis, which promotes not only fairness within the workplace but also greater fairness within society. The forums are:

  • Women's forum
  • Black members forum
  • Disability forum
  • Proud (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgender members)
  • Young members forum (members' aged 27 and under).

Other forums and associations

Other forums keep your representatives up to date on the latest policies and practices in the areas of health and safety and personnel policy.

The associate and retired members association is open to people of all ages who are retired or no longer work in the civil Service or PCS related areas.

Updated 13 Sep 2016

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